Superdawg 08/22


WRAPUP:  Beautiful weather and a fantastic evening.  We had over 50 MINIs converge on Superdawg from MINI Clubs in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana.  About half went on a fun little neighborhood drive looping thru a bunch of cul de sacs.  A great time hanging out with MINI friends..  Huge thanks to Superdawg for letting us hang out for the evening, and to Arnie and Lena for the event planning!!

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Photos by: Jonathan R. | Steve R. |

Video by: Cesar |


It’s time again for our annual trip to Superdawg for an evening of hanging out with MINI friends, and a fun fun little drive to get there!!


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LSD – Sheridan Road Drive 7/12

July 12th is the 12th anniversary of the Chicago  MINI Motoring Club’s first official club drive!!

To celebrate we will take a drive up scenic Lake Shore Drive and Sheridan Road.


WRAPUP:  A beautiful Sunday morning made a great drive.  We have about 25 MINIs for the route including some people who discovered our club en-route.  The route was twisty and fun with lots of fantastic homes to check out on the way.  The GreenTown Tavern welcomed us by opening up early especially for our club.  Thanks to all who came out for a fun drive, and special thanks to Rich for helping out managing traffic getting out of our starting locations!!

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Photos by: Steve |



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