Mod Party June 20, 21

WRAPUP: We had a fantastic day to hang out and have our MINIs upgraded..  Intakes, Exhausts, Pulleys, swaybars, undercarriage braces, camber plates, suspension bushings, injectors and dyno tunes..  Waylen and Matt did it all.  Lots of people stopped by to check out all the action including many new people,  and lots of friends from as far away as Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin.  Everyone enjoyed the cookout of burgers and dogs, and the chance to check out the undersides and guts of our MINIs.

Huge thanks to Waylen and Matt from WayMotorworks for coming out and putting in a really hard day of work.  Waylen thoughtfully had enough spare inventory with him to take care of several unexpected problems  and additional requests throughout the day.   

Also huge thanks to CMMC club member Dan for opening up his shop, Import Service Center on an off day, supporting Waylen, and making everyone feel welcome for the 13+ hours we hung around.   Big thanks also to Jenny and Francis for all the planning, coordination, and getting and cooking the food!!!

Photos by: Francis | Steve

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Windy City BMW Driving School

WRAPUP:  Fantastic weather made for a great weekend at the track.    The Windy City BMW club did an excellent job with organization,  attention to details,  safety, and making sure everyone had a good time.  There were 5 or 6 MINIs participating and they are hoping for more in the future.  This is a wonderful way to learn what you and your car can really do in a safe and controlled environment.

Photos by:  Steve | Eugene – taken by

The Windy City BMW club is hosting a two day Driving School at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven Michigan on June 27th and 28th.  This is the perfect chance to improve your general driving skills and also experience the thrills of driving on a race track.

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SuperDawg 05/08

Over 30 cars showed up on a beautiful spring evening to take a short cruise and hang out.  The cars drew quite a bit of attention both along the route and at SuperDawg.  We had club members attending from as far away as Springfield, Milwaukee and Elgin/St. Charles area.  Our friends from Knauz MINI stopped by and dropped off some MINI SMints!  It was very cool to have almost the entire SuperDawg parking lot filled with MINIs, Classic Minis, plus even a Morris Minor.

Huge thanks to SuperDawg for letting us take over their place for the evening, and for being so accommodating to us in terms of parking and hanging out!!

Please e-mail links of pictures to and I will post them here.

Photos by: Matt | Francis | Eric |

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April Drive (04/05)


WRAPUP:  The predicted bad weather held off, and we were left with a pretty day for a drive (pretty cold and windy day that is)..

About 25 MINIs from the Chicago and Milwaukee areas participated in the scenic drive around Southern Wisconsin back roads.  Unfortunately the Drag strip was closed for the day due to the anticipated bad weather, but we made up a last minute plan B stop at the famous Brat Stop.   It was great that they were able to accommodate a large last minute crowd.  The driving quiz was hotly contested with 5 people getting the same highest score.  The winner was drawn at random from the five, and the  picnic set from Knauz MINI was awarded to Greg.

Huge thanks to Pat for all the planning of the fantastic drive and quiz, and to Knauz MINI for helping us out with the quiz prize!!!

As usual,  please send a link to your photos or video (but not the actual photos) to and I will post them here.  Also feel free to join and share your photos to the Chicago MINI Motoring Club flickr group if you have a Flickr account.

Photos by: Kevin | Steve | Tom | Caren |

Video by: Tom Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

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Spring Drive March 15th

MINI Cooper Spring Drive 

WRAPUP: Incredible weather, great roads, great food and a whole bunch of MINI (and Mini) people.  This was the perfect start to the driving season!!

We wound up with a really nice sunny warm day for a drive..  Over 40 cars participated in a fun cruise on some quiet backroads.  We had a nice mix of new people and familiar faces.   The drive ended with a lunch with the Minis In Northern Illinois club.  A round of raffle prizes finished a great MINI day.

Huge thanks to Paul who did all the route planning,  organizing, and lead drive duty and the M.I.N.I club for letting us share their afternoon with us.

Photos by: AnthonyTom | Dan C. | Francis | Ellis

Video by: Tom Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Ellis |

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