Original Italian Job Event in Chicago

The club is hoping to have a small event showing the original Italian Job at a local dealer sometime in October. The only issue is we'd be very limited in terms of space due to dealer seating. That is unless someone else has a better idea for a location.

  • Victoria

    You could rent out the Wilmette. I remember seeing “Hard Day's Night” there. Don't know where we'd park, though.

  • Mr RCH

    What happed to the drive down to Galeana?

  • Mr RCH

    What happened to the drive down to Galeana?

  • I don't think we ever had concrete plans to get to Galena this year. With it being such a long drive I think the interest really wasn't there for more than a couple people. That being said we're working on possibly something for next year after it warms up.