Important Annoucement about the Tirerack AutoX

This news is from the organizers of this South Bend event:

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! The South Bend Mini Event will be held without the autocross. We were not able to arrange for a better insurance package, and fell short of the 50 pre-registrations required. All who registered for the autocross event will get their checks back. WE ARE STILL HAVING AN OCTOBER 4th EVENT!!!
Our new, (loose) agenda:

9-10:30 AM — Meet at The Tire Rack, meet Mini owners, meet Alex, tour (parts) of this amazing performance facility.

10:30-Noon — Road Rally Course, includes Notre Dame campus

Noon-2:00PM — Lunch at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant at the historic Kamms mansion. Order off the regular menu, all your food will be FREE! For your margaritas, Coronas, whatever-you-want-to-drink, you are on your own.

Come share a wonderful autumn day with Mini enthusiasts!

While this news is certainly disappointing for many of us I'm still planning on going and having a great time. In fact I'm probably going to come home with some tires from the TireRack. Who can still make it?

14 thoughts on “Important Annoucement about the Tirerack AutoX

  1. CooperBeagle on MCO posted that he had 25 on 10/18.. today he said he was short of the 50 he needed..

    I will still be going BTW.

  2. Drives are fun and all, but I've had enough drives to last me until the next Chicago drive. Forget motoring–let's race!!!

  3. I still recommend going. How often do you guys get to see and rub sholders with a supplier? Not to mention one as fine and highly regarded as Tire Rack? My friend runs, and he tells me I should get to Tire Rack sometime in my life. 馃檪 SO if you are on the fence, go. It will be good for you. 馃檪

  4. Poopy (or phooey; whichever). I'm sorry to hear the Autox part is not happening but it looks like a great event none-the-less. I'll be busy learning how to not kill myself at motorcycle safety. Come spring I should be on two wheels more 馃檪

  5. Gabe, why did they need 50 for insurance? The Michiana BMW and Porsche clubs get less than that amount for their autocrosses at the Tire Rack and that's whose timing equipment was going to be used. If 50 is the must have number, you could invite the members of those two clubs plus the Windy City BMW and quite possibly get over the required number. Just an idea.
    The Tire Rack is a great facility with two great families that own and run it.


  6. I'll be there, whether or not there is an AutoX. I wasn't able to regester in time, so if there is an 11th hour, let me know.

  7. I will like not go, if the AutoX is not part of the event.

    However, I will be trying my first SoloII at the SCCA in Portage IN, (half way between Chi and SB) this Sunday, to get my fix.

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