MINI Car Club of Indiana F1 event

The MINI Car Club of Indiana has some info about the upcoming F1 event:

Info About Late Ticket Purchasing

If anyone wants to purchase tickets?plenty are still available.?Simply call the ticket office at 317.492.6700.?If you are a MINI Car Club Member and want to participate in the Car Corral, then tell them on the phone that you are a member of the club, and that you still want to be part of the Car Corral.

Info About the Car Corral

If any members still want to be a part of the car corral, they will need to call the ticket officeat317.492.6700?at this point and identify themselves as being a member of the Mini Car Club and then order tickets straight from them (yes?you must have a ticket to be in the car corral).? The cheapest seats anyone can get are the $45 1st Turn Terrace Seats.? Then, they can sit in their seats, sit in the infield if they want, or enjoy the festivities in the car corral.? But make sure anyone calling about tickets identifies themselves with the club so they can get the car corral hang-tag.? Any MINI Club members that would like to be escorted into the car corral with other MINI club members should read the section on the ?Police Escort to the Car Corral.??Otherwise, check your car corral confirmation materials on how to enter the infield and park in the car corral.

Info About the Police Escort to the Car Corral

The MINI Car Club has 20 spots reserved for an 8:00 AM police escort.?Any MINI Car Club Member who has car corral access (the hang-tag) can participate in the police escort.?The escort will depart the Indianapolis Zoo (downtown) at 8:00 AM, and then drive into the car corral together.?If you will be participating in the police escort, please arrive at the Indianapolis Zoo (West Washington Street, Downtown) at 7:45 AM.?

David H. McKee
Treasurer, MINI Car Club of Indiana

5 thoughts on “MINI Car Club of Indiana F1 event

  1. Just wondering when this event is taking place. Will we get to drive on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Please say yes!!

  2. This event is race day (Sept 28). Unfortunately there will not be any drives around the track at this particular event. However, there is the joy and excitement of Super Cup and an FIA event (USGP). Isn't that enough?

    FYI to all: If you are going to be in town, we are also having an informal get together for dinner and drinks the night before on the north side of Indianapolis. See my post on for details.

    David H. McKee

  3. And,
    Thanks Gabe for the post. This event could really turn out to be the big annual for us. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

  4. Cool. I'm now going to this. Got invited by a client at the last minute. I'll be in the tower suites on Sunday.

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