Slow Member Packages and Sticker Delays

As some of you may know we've been very late in getting our member packets out to new and renewing members. Don't worry! We will be mailing them out next week. The hold-up has been the window stickers which have been printed a total of three times and finally (just yesterday in fact) come out perfect. We didn't want to send out the packets without them so we decided to just wait a few weeks.

We're very sorry for the delay – especially those that have waited the longest. For those that have waited for more than two months we'll be giving you a discount on next year's membership and an extra sticker to make up for this delay. Since the stickers printed in a large quantity we don't see a delay like this happening again in the near future.

If anyone has any questions regarding the delay or has suggestions on improving club in any way please email me or anyone club board member by using the emails on the lower right side of this page.

Thanks for your patience!
Gabe Bridger

5 thoughts on “Slow Member Packages and Sticker Delays

  1. Did the membership kits go out? It is now October 12th and I still have not received mine. Just checking to make sure it didn't get lost in the mail.


  2. Membership packets should be out for everyone up to the end of August. There is a batch of 17 applications from September to now that have been sent to the processing center already, and will hopefully get turned around much faster..

  3. “slow member” ??? OK, so I don't check the site regularly, but please, don't suggest I ride the short bus (or do I live in the district where I have a MINI school bus?)

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