Euroquipe Pulley Party

Update: 10/15/2004: The Pulley Party date is now only October 23rd..

Contact Brad at if you are interested.


Is your MCS feeling a bit sluggish these days? Have you gotten over that initial thrill of power, and need a bit more when you mash your foot on the GO pedal?

Well, here is your chance.. Brad Schrock of Euroquipe in St. Charles is hosting a Pulley Party on October 23rd and October 30th. He will be installing Alta 15% Pulleys on those days for a special price of $375 (parts & labor). There will be room for about 8 cars per day.

Contact Brad at if you are interested. You will also have a chance to see his shop and sign up in person on our way down to our Starved Rock Ride on October 17th.

3 thoughts on “Euroquipe Pulley Party

  1. This is VERY cool. I'm going to have to see if I can scrape together the $$ to get this done…are they doing any sort of pulley+ECU specials?

  2. Okay, I am NOT mechanically inclined and I keep hearing stuff about the pulley percentages… What percentage is our pulley now in an '05 MCS for instance and what does changing it do exactly? Finally, what, if any effect would this modification have on my manufacturer warranty?

    Thanks! :o)


  3. What the 15% means is that the pulley is 15% smaller than the stock pulley in the MCS. Because it is smaller, it makes more rotations per minute, and therefore spins the supercharger faster, creating more boost. If you would like a more detailed explaination, post again and I'll follow up, but that's what it does in a nutshell.

    As far as warranty, legally, unless the dealer can prove that the pulley modification caused the problem that you are bringing that car in for, they are required to cover the claim. So no, a pulley will not void your the letter of the law. HOWEVER, no matter what problem you have, the dealer will say that it was caused because you have put stress on the car that wasn't intended by the manufacturer. In other words, even though the problem might be 100% unrelated, they'll say the pulley caused your problem either directly or indirectly, and won't cover your claim. In that case, your only recourse is to sue, and aside from the time and money you would need to put together a case, in reality the dealer probably WILL be able to provide some sort of documentation that parts are more likely to fail when more power is added to the car. So short answer is it shouldn't TECHNICALLY void the warranty, but in reality it might. They may not notice the pulley on your repair, and they may cover it anyway depending on the dealer/repair, but all it takes is for them to spot it once and mark it in their computer and you'll never get another warranty repair again. So, my advice would be if you are bringing it in for service on a part that they could even remotely say was the pulley's fault, swap it back out for the stock one before bringing it in. Pain in the butt, yes, but better than losing your warranty.

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