Auto Show a No Go

It is with regret that we announce there will be no pre-show Chicago Auto show event this year. MINIUSA tried to get us the same time slot as last year but the company running the Auto Show was not responsive to their requests. We'll certainly be trying again next year!

If there is enough interest we could however, meet at the show before opening on the first Sunday (2/13). Possibly even with a short drive downtown before hand. Comment below if you're interested.

4 thoughts on “Auto Show a No Go

  1. Sounds fun!
    Gabe, would you be willing to allow a non-club member show up for this get together and pay his dues on the spot?


  2. I would be up for a MINI drive to the Auto show. I am not sure if I want to battle the full size sunday crowd at the event (I really enjoyed last years MINIUSA pre-event).

    A Sunday morning cruise down Lake Shore Drive would be a blast.

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