Auto Show Drive-in Sunday February 13th

Wrapup: Nine MINI's braved the drizzle and crazy Lake Shore drive traffic to head down to the Auto Show. Cruising down in tight formation drew a fair amount of attention. Huge thanks to Knauz for providing a last minute handfull of free tickets to the show!!

We were not able to arrange a special event at the Auto Show this year, but for anyone interested in attending on their own, we will have a casual drive down Sheridan road and Lake Shore Drive to the Auto Show on Sunday Morning:

WHO: The drive is open to anyone

WHEN: Sunday February 13th.

WHERE: The Evanston Northwestern parking garage at the far south end of the campus. We will meet up and plan to leave at about 9:00 am

Come on out for a nice morning drive, even if you don't want to attend the Auto Show..

Post here if you are interested. Keep an eye on this post for updates during the week!

  • Charlie

    Not a club member, but live near evanston, and would love to attend.

  • Adam

    I'm in. C ya all there!!

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    Charlie: Please come on out to the event.. Some people will just be out for the drive, some will go on to the Auto Show.

    If you have an FRS radio laying around, and feel like it, bring it along. We will have radio's in at least the first and last car on the drive to try to keep everyone together, and on course.

  • dennis d' menace

    Me and my posse will be motorin' … see ya'

  • Terry Oberdorfer

    My husband and I would like to join you for the auto show run.

  • Maxwell H.

    We'll probably meet up with those of you who will be going into the show. Mary and I are probably going to try to get there at the opening Sunday morning.
    We'll be looking for you!

  • Peter M

    Will be there as well! Is this the parking lot right next to the boat/beach area?


  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    Yes, that is the parking area…

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    Washed, waxed and ready for Sunday. I even cleaned the car.

  • dennis d\\' menace

    Thanks for the free donuts Steve… and the free tix too… the line at the Auto Show was infinite so the ticket was indeed a big help. The drive was more of a race than a 'casual' drive, i think.. but albeit, it was fun…

  • Marco

    It was a race, i think i hit 100mph after losing Gabe at the red light by Chicago. Then me and Adam lost everybody else parking. But i still had fun.

  • Hey Marco – watch that speed next time! Save it for a track event next summer 😉

  • Marco

    Yeah i was flying. We do track days?? Where might these tracks be?

  • Marco

    Yeah i was flying. We do track days?? Where might these tracks be?

  • Adam

    Asside from my car goin from very clean to very dirty, i had a great time. Thanks for the donuts Steve!

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