Spring Drive to Millies March 20th

03/13/2005 Note: I was told that Millie's does not take credit cards, so be sure to be ready with cash money for breakfast..

Come on out for an early spring drive to Millie's Resturaunt in Delavan Wisconsin on Sunday March 20th.

WHERE: Starting at the Starbucks at the Village Square in Northbrook, ending in Wisconsin.

WHEN: Sunday March 20th. We will leave at about 9:30am

WHO: This ride is open to anyone

WHAT: We will be taking the slow twisty way out to Lake Delavan, and enjoying some of the scenery and back roads of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. After a stop for a late breakfast, we will continue on towards Lake Geneva for a loop through the famed Snake Road, and then home or exploring on your own.

This is a re-run of a ride we did a couple of years ago before we were officially a club. Hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer than last time, but you never can tell on our Spring Drives.

Bring along your best MINI Clothes, an FRS radio if you have one, and a smile. This will be a longer drive, so be prepared.

20 thoughts on “Spring Drive to Millies March 20th

  1. Ahhhh crap… i will be on spring break. Well have fun you guys/girls. Wish i could come..next time i guess.

  2. My friend and I will be there both with our MINIs. I just got mine so I can't wait to meet some other MINI people.

  3. 10 day forecast … Partly Cloudy, 42 H/L 33 with a 10% chance of precip. Looks like good crisp weather for the superchargers!

  4. I am going solo, so I have a seat open if anyone wants to “passenger” the ride..

  5. I just found out I'm going to have to work Sunday morning. I still want to meet all of you, so if anyone wants to get together after Millie's (maybe to watch the NCAA tourney…) let me know.

  6. I finished washing my car just as the drizzle started.

    I don't think anyone wants to see me in Chrome and Leatherette, so I will be wearing the MINI clothing 馃槈

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