CMMC at the CIR Endurance Races

A few weeks ago several of us got together and formed a team to participate at the Chicago Indoor Racing Team Endurance race on 2/27. If there are other club members interested in taking part in the race I'd urge you to get your team together (feel free to use the comments section here) and register as soon as you can.

For more info on Team Endurance Races check out the CIR here.

6 thoughts on “CMMC at the CIR Endurance Races

  1. Oh i am interested…i need a team tho.. shoot me an email if you are also interested so we can get something together.

  2. If your looking for more practice on track 3… It will be open tonight (Monday), Tuesday and maybe Sunday.

    Tonight (Monday) is track 3 league night, we start at 7:30 and run till between 8:30 and 9.

    Sunday, Not sure when it will open but the event I'm running starts at 5 or 6 depending on how many people show. Two months ago we had 85 drivers, started at 6:30 and I ran the 25 lap final (qualified P2) at 11:30

  3. we had a great time. i can't wait to go again. however, i'm going to need to get a set of gloves. i've got this terrible red spot on my left palm, it's not quite a blister, but it's not far off.

  4. Gloves are a must for long stints or multiple races.

    The creator of the Oscar timing system had skin pealed back on his palm before his final stint. Mike did not wear gloves

    I wear them and did 95+ laps Sunday plus another 85 on Monday night, my hands are fine.

    Did you know your annual membership gets you a discount in the Pro shop (10% I think, could be more)

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