Happy Birthday CMMC !!!

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club has just recently completed its second full year as an offical club!!

We have done a bunch of fun events over the past two years, and have plans for many more. Our membership card numbers are over 175, and new members keep rolling in every week. We have a number of offers for Club Membership Discounts on MINI related items (check out the links on the right hand column of our web page). This is a fantastic way to offset your club membership dues and help support MINI related businesses.

I want to thank everyone for participating at club events, on this web page, and in our Club forums.

I know I am still having just as much fun doing this as when I first got my MINI.

Here is a link to our First offical Club event back in July 2003.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday CMMC !!!

  1. Hard to grasp that two years of club events have come and gone. Even more amazing is that my MINI is 3 years old already! Both My MINI and the club are just as fun now as when we started 2 and 3 years ago.

  2. I remember that July event well- what a great time cruising through Lower Wacker and the Loop! September is 3 years for my MINI too.

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