Spaces at the Autobahn Country Club

This may be of interest to a few club members:

The Saturn Performance Club has rented the Autobahn Country
Club for a lapping day on 7/29/05. We still have spaces available for cars to join us, and would like to open an invitation to your club.

We will be joined my GM Performance Division's High Performance
Vehicle Operations, who will be giving rides in their projects,
including the Saturn ION Red Line, the Chevy Cobalt SS
Supercharged, and the the Cadillac CTS-V.

Also, we will be having separate sessions for SCCA drivers
practising for the Club Races Saturday and Sunday.

We apologize for the short notice, but several of our members are
not going to be able to make it due to personal issues, and spaces
have opened up.

There will also be a dyno day on 7/28 and drag racing on 7/27.

For more information, or to register, please visit:

Kevin M. Keller
Director, News and Promotions
Saturn Performance Club