The CMMC Summer Rally, Car Show, Swap Meet – 08/13/05!

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Rally Wrapup: After a wet start in Evanston, 22 cars cruised up Sheridan road and headed out to nicer weather at the Buffalo Grove Culvers. We were joined by another 10 or 12 MINI's (and Mini) for a bit of hanging out. Cars were judged on the Most Mods and least mods, and awards were presented.

Here are Event Photos courtesy of new member Taylor.

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Update: We're going to be leaving promptly at 12:30 from the parking lot in Northwestern! If you miss us there please meet us at Culvers in Buffalo Grove

To celebrate the CMMC's second birthday we've planned something special. We're going to start out with a rally up a road we haven't visited in awhile, the always twisty and scenic Sheridan Rd. From there we'll take a big left turn and head out to Buffalo Grove. Once there will meet-up at the local Culvers (location info here) for both a MINI car show and our first CMMC swap meet. Here's the details:

The Meet-Up: 12:00pm (Noon) August 13th (Saturday)

We'll meet at the south east Northwestern parking lot just off of Sheridan Rd in Evanston. You can find a detailed map (via Google maps) here. Here are the basic direction:

From Chicago via Lake Shore Dr:

Go north on Lake Shore Dr. It will turn into Sheridan Rd – take a right onto Sheridan Rd. Take Sheridan Rd north – you will need to carefully follow the street signs as Sheridan will turn right several times. Once in Evanston you'll want to look out for South Campus Dr., a road that will veer off to the right just as Sheridan is turning left. South Campus Dr. is just north of Centennial Park in Evanston. Take S. Campus Drive for about 50 yards and then turn right into the parking lot. For all the details, check out this Google map.

From the North via I94:

Go South of I94. You'll want to exit onto Skokie Blvd (aka 41). The exit will be to the right of the highway but will then go back over I94 and will turn into a four lane rd. You'll want to take a right at the second stoplight, Lake Ave. You will take Lake Ave. for about 10-12 minutes until it hits Sheridan Rd., take a right. Sheridan Rd. will twist and and eventually turn left at the next light… make sure not to miss it. You'll follow Sheridan Rd as it twists right and then through Northwestern University. Eventually you'll get to another light, Sheridan Rd turns left here, follow it. Okay, you'll go about 200 yards and then Sheridan Rd will begin to veer left, don't take it. Instead turn left onto South Campus Drive. Take S. Campus Drive for about 50 yards and then turn right into the parking lot. For all the details, check out this Google map.

From the West.

Okay, this is easy. Get to either Lake Shore Dr. (from the south) of Sheridan Rd (from the north). Then follow the appropriate direction above.

The Car Show:

We can't promise prizes for the cleanest car or the most mods (yet!), but I can assure you that you'll at least receive plenty of back slaps and hand-shakes for anything impressive!

The Swap Meet:

Here's the part that a few of us are very excited about. Bring your parts, your extra set of wheels, floor mats, valve stem caps, anything you have laying around MINI related. This will offer a few of us a great opportunity to clean out the garage a bit and a few other to fill up the garage!

20 thoughts on “The CMMC Summer Rally, Car Show, Swap Meet – 08/13/05!

  1. Those who know me well know that i do my own Sheridan rallys all the time, just for fun, so i an down for this one!

  2. Please do come on out to join us!! This event is open to anyone..

  3. I'll definitely be coming out! Get your bids on early for an S-Lite wheel to replace your curb-rashed one!! ;-P

  4. Sorry i wont be able to come, would have liked to go, lookin for some X-lites. Anybody see any give me the info. Thanks, and have fun there!

  5. I will be there… looking forward to my first club event… bringing my 2nd (2 week old) MCS out to meet the others…

  6. Okay, how'd I miss this? I got to be in Geneva at 3:30 with my daughter. UGH!
    Since I can't make the swap meet, if anyone wants a K&N for a stock MCS airbox (only 6K miles on it, and cleaned twice) send me a PM w/ offer. Maybe I can drop it off at Culvers on the way out of town …

  7. Might not be able to make the rally… but definitely will be at the car show & swap meet! Any estimates on what time MINIs will start arriving at Culvers?

  8. I would guess we would get to Culvers at about 1:30 or so..

    My car is all shined up and ready for the rain 馃檪

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