Holiday get together December 18th

December is the perfect time to get together and spend some quality time hanging out with your MINI Club friends.

Vendor Liason Taylor has graciously offered the use of his home as meeting spot.

Details are below:


UPDATE: 12/01/2005 After the get together, anyone that wants can pile out and take a short cruise to view the holiday lights at the Lincolnwood Towers. This area, bounded by Devon, Pratt, Central and Edens expressway is known for putting on a spectacular light show.

The plan is for everyone to just drive around randomly and explore the area. Beeps, waves and flashing headlights are expected when crossing the path of other MINIs!

WHEN: Sunday December 18th, from 12:30 until about 3:00

WHERE: Deerfield. Specific details will be sent later.

WHAT: Pizza and soft drinks will be provided for Club members plus 1 guest. There will be a $5 charge for additional people. BYO additional beverages, if desired.

There is limited space for about 60 people. Please respond below prior to December 12th so we can plan for food and have time to get you directions.

26 thoughts on “Holiday get together December 18th

  1. I am delighted to be able to host this event! Please join us for an afternoon of informal holiday Mini-fun, and please remember to RSVP so that we can get a headcount, but more importantly so that we can send you specific directions to get to our home!


  2. Hello, I'm a new member and look forward to meeting you all on the 18th with my lady friend, if my Mini says its “OK” 馃槈 LOL

    Rule the Bends, Dustin

  3. Aw shucks!!! The gang cannot make it. We'll be thinking of you guys though from San Antonio.
    Miguel, Greta and the little one Adrian

  4. If I can convince the wife to go to Detroit with my daughter(and she doesn't take the MINI), we're there. The lights around there are awesome.

  5. We're at 15 or so (13 confirmed) and there's room for lots, lots more!

    It's super that so many are coming; please encourage your fellow club members (and prospective club members as well!) to join us for this several hours of good pizza and great company!

    Everyone should feel free to bring something for the group; but only if you are of a sharing mind-set; there is no pressure to do so; the Club will provide pizza and soda. I'm sure the more creative among you will think of something to share with your fellow Mini enthusiasts!



  6. I'll try to make it even if I have to be a little late. I have two holiday events that day already but MINI fun is always the best!

    Warmest wishes,


  7. Sorry ill im leaving for the bahamas on the 17th. Have fun and happy holidays. Im a new member and wish i could meet u all. Maybe next time!

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