Spring Drive Wrapup

Over 30 cars showed up at the start of the Spring Drive Poker run. We wandered around a bunch of fun roads in the northwest suburbs and eventually made our way up to Lake Geneva.

At each stop, drivers were presented with a poker card and directions to the next location. We managed to make the entire drive without anyone getting lost (by very much).

Poker hand winners Rich and Conrad won a MINI model car donated by Historic Race Car and a MINI Zymol detailing kit from Detailing Concepts.

After a nice lunch, a handful of us took a couple loops up and down Snake Road. A good time was had by all.

Pics from Mark
Pics from Michael
Movie from Taylor
Pics from Tom
Pics from Jenny
Pics from Arnie
Pics from Dustin part I
Pics from Dustin part II
Pics from Dustin part III

If you have pictures posted from the drive, send me an e-mail, and I will include the links!!

  • Adam

    That was awesome, a big thanks to everyone who planned it.

  • Lou Grupe

    Lori did a great job!! looking forward to the next event.

  • Michael

    Had a great time! Nice to meet all of you, and hopefully my MINI will be built for the next event!

  • Steve and Lori – Many thanks for your having made this a reality!

    My movie is up already. You can see it here: http://www.taylorsmith.biz/Movie_Files/SpringDrive2006.wmv

    Apologies for the quality this time. The camera mounting location was bad and I had to cut down the size because it's over 10 megs.

    Nonetheless, I think everyone will enjoy it since almost everyone will be able to see their car.


    Dragon here we come…

  • Lori

    It was such a beautiful day! I'm glad you all could make it out for the drive! And I can't wait for the next event!

    On a side note, wern't the fries at Popeye's awesome!?! If you didn't get any this time around I highly reccomend that you try them in the future! LOL

  • I had a great time at the Spring Drive. Thanks for having me. I do have about a 10 meg .ZIP file of pictures that my brother and I took. They are 800×600 resolution. If you are interested in a better resolution picture let me know. Here is the link:


  • Dustin

    Karen and I had a great time and enjoyed meeting so many new Mini owners. Lori and Steve did a great job on the mapping. Having res at Popeyes was even better.

    See You all real soon, Dustin

  • Mr RCH

    This was a great event just like last year. It was a great day for a great drive. Thanks to all club members who helped to organize this great activity. Looking forward to the next club event.

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    Loved the movie Taylor!!

    Still looking for the door handle you sucked off as you went past me..

  • Dustin

    Taylor only made it loose, I took it all the way off. I'll out it in the mail to you soon. LOL

  • Bruce

    Little Mini and the Dapper Duo had a great time on our 1st rally of the year! Great to see old faces and SUPER job Lori & Steve!! Thanks to Richard from Historic Race Car for the Brit pieces and contributing to the prizes!! Looking forward to more adventures!

  • Mark

    What a great time! Thanks much Lori and Steve for putting this together! My coworker that showed up at the Dog & Suds was quite impressed with the MINI variety and especially at how we managed to funnel outta the parking lot without an incident! A fun time from beginning to end!

  • dennis

    Good drive indeed… just as exhilirating was watching some of you slithering through Snake Road.

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