Spring Drive Wrapup

Over 30 cars showed up at the start of the Spring Drive Poker run. We wandered around a bunch of fun roads in the northwest suburbs and eventually made our way up to Lake Geneva.

At each stop, drivers were presented with a poker card and directions to the next location. We managed to make the entire drive without anyone getting lost (by very much).

Poker hand winners Rich and Conrad won a MINI model car donated by Historic Race Car and a MINI Zymol detailing kit from Detailing Concepts.

After a nice lunch, a handful of us took a couple loops up and down Snake Road. A good time was had by all.

Pics from Mark
Pics from Michael
Movie from Taylor
Pics from Tom
Pics from Jenny
Pics from Arnie
Pics from Dustin part I
Pics from Dustin part II
Pics from Dustin part III

If you have pictures posted from the drive, send me an e-mail, and I will include the links!!

15 thoughts on “Spring Drive Wrapup

  1. Had a great time! Nice to meet all of you, and hopefully my MINI will be built for the next event!

  2. Steve and Lori – Many thanks for your having made this a reality!

    My movie is up already. You can see it here: http://www.taylorsmith.biz/Movie_Files/SpringDrive2006.wmv

    Apologies for the quality this time. The camera mounting location was bad and I had to cut down the size because it's over 10 megs.

    Nonetheless, I think everyone will enjoy it since almost everyone will be able to see their car.


    Dragon here we come…

  3. It was such a beautiful day! I'm glad you all could make it out for the drive! And I can't wait for the next event!

    On a side note, wern't the fries at Popeye's awesome!?! If you didn't get any this time around I highly reccomend that you try them in the future! LOL

  4. Karen and I had a great time and enjoyed meeting so many new Mini owners. Lori and Steve did a great job on the mapping. Having res at Popeyes was even better.

    See You all real soon, Dustin

  5. This was a great event just like last year. It was a great day for a great drive. Thanks to all club members who helped to organize this great activity. Looking forward to the next club event.

  6. Loved the movie Taylor!!

    Still looking for the door handle you sucked off as you went past me..

  7. Taylor only made it loose, I took it all the way off. I'll out it in the mail to you soon. LOL

  8. Little Mini and the Dapper Duo had a great time on our 1st rally of the year! Great to see old faces and SUPER job Lori & Steve!! Thanks to Richard from Historic Race Car for the Brit pieces and contributing to the prizes!! Looking forward to more adventures!

  9. What a great time! Thanks much Lori and Steve for putting this together! My coworker that showed up at the Dog & Suds was quite impressed with the MINI variety and especially at how we managed to funnel outta the parking lot without an incident! A fun time from beginning to end!

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