More Autocross

Here is some more autocross information.

The Chicago region of the SCCA runs a series of autocrosses in the Chicagoland area, many in Joliet. Check out the schedule Here.

The Tri-State Sports Car Council runs a number of events in Milwaukee. Here is their schedule.

Take your MINI's out and have a bit of fun in the twisty bits.

2 thoughts on “More Autocross

  1. Thanks, Steve. Any and all news about area events is greatly appreciated. I'm planning on 3 or 4 track days and 8-10 autocrosses this coming season. Motorsport is why I bought the car!

  2. Thanks for the info…Dont forget about the Milwaukee SCCA. In the couple of times that I have raced up there its usually 6 runs in a day instead of 3 down in Chicago, and there is less competition. We need to come out in full force if we want to keep a Mini as the National Champ 4 years running. (H Stock catagory mens and womens.)

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