Brookfield Zoo April 22nd

Wrapup: Seventeen MINIs showed up at Krispy Kreme for donuts and little hangout time.  We took a short drive through the scenic Riverside area, and spend the rest of the day at the Zoo.

A fun time was had by all.

Here are pictures from Francis.

Here are some pictures from Becky.


UPDATE: 04/10/2006: We will be meeting at the Krispy Kreme Donut shop at 5640 South Harlem, Summit Il. We will make our start time at 9:15 to be able to take a short drive through the Riverside area on the way to the zoo.


Help celebrate Earth Day on Saturday April 22nd by hanging out at the Brookfield Zoo!!

The Chicago MINI Motoring Club has secured 60 free tickets available for club members and up to 3 guests. You will still need to pay parking, listed as $8.00 on the site

We will be planning a meetup and short drive in before the Zoo opens. Due to the location, the drive will not be quite as involved or as exciting as our last drive.

WHAT: Meetup, short drive and a day full of hanging around Brookfield Zoo.

WHERE: The meetup location and short drive are not planned yet, keep an eye here for details as the event gets closer.

WHEN: Saturday April 22nd 9:30am

WHY: Just for fun.

DETAILS: We will hold tickets for the first 60 requests, and distribute them when we meetup for the short drive. If more people are interested, you are free to join up but will have to pay the normal admission rates.

Please send me an e-mail, or respond to this post and let me know how many tickets you would like.

21 thoughts on “Brookfield Zoo April 22nd

  1. hey Steve, I'm in… i'll have 2 guests with me. I figure the 'gnome' can get in for free, right!?!

  2. Gnomes under 2 feet tall get in for free.

    I'll be there with a MINI-full of people.

  3. That's my birthday too.

    Karen and I will be there plus 2 kids. Total 4.

    I live just down the street, maybe after the zoo I could host a small group for lunch/BBQ if the weather is nice.

  4. Sorry Dustin,

    Company policy prohibits me from singing happy (b)earth day to you, no matter how much you beg..

  5. Two more MINIs here!
    Sounds fun!!Put us down for a total of 5 tickets, if you please. Thanks! Are we going to get a group photo by the Ape?!

  6. If we are not going to meet you at the donut shop, what time should we be at the Zoo?

    See Ya There, Dustin

  7. Northsiders caravan!! Anyone who wants to meetup, We will be leaving from “House of Steve” in Skokie at 7:45 sharp to get down there in time to ingest some Krispy Kremes. Post here or e-mail me if you are interested, and I will get you directions.

  8. Look what I found tonight, and for all to enjoy on the way, kinda, to the donut shop Sat morning. Goto the corner of Archer Ave and Flavin Rd in Willow Springs IL, go SOUTH, its a fun short set of up hill high speed corners, this will take you to 95th, go east to Harlem and north to Donuts.

    Enjoy Dustin

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