July 4th Parade meetup

MINIs on Parade


A total of 19 Chicago and Milwaukee area MINIs participated in the Milwaukee MINIs 4th of July parade in Wauwatosa Wisconsin.

The weather was great, the crowds were enthusiastic, and the MINIs were dressed to the nines..

Top Hat MINI

With the exception of one Radio Control MINI (who found itself under the wheels of a full size MINI), a fun time was had by all

mini MINI

Thanks to Theresa for planning the event, and letting the Chicago Club come up and hang with the Milwaukee club!!

Pictures from Tom, pictures from Francis, and more pics here

american flag mini
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Indiana Drive – June 24th

WRAPUP: Thirteen MINIs (including several new members) came out for an early morning drive through some fun back roads.

Yellow MINIs dominated on the color count this time.

Many of us had our first ever trip to a tatoo parlor. We somehow managed to get through almost every traffic light as a bunch.
Huge thanks to Lori for all the planning, (and happy b-day!!)
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