CMMC Elections 2008

UPDATE 03/09/2008: The voting results are in. Please welcome new/re-elected board members Arnie Press (VP), Paul Rossman (Communications), Jeff Oberg (Events Coordinator), Chris Michalek (Treasurer), and Steve Rosenblum (President) who will be joining the existing Board Member at Large  Francis Macasieb.

Thanks to Paul Lark and Blake Mayerle for participating, and presenting a well run campaign.

I also wanted to take a moment and thank outgoing board members Lori Wright, Matt Adams, and Gabe Bridger. Matt and Gabe have been part of this club since its beginnings, and have been instrumental in making our club the great place that it is.

Here are brief biography and position statements from all the candidates for this years club elections (candidates are listed alphabetically within each position).

Voting will run from February 29th thru March 7th. Results will be announced during the March 9th Spring Drive.

Club members will be able to vote for the positions that have more than one candidate, which is Club President (Paul Lark or Steve Rosenblum) and Vice President (Blake Mayerle or Arnie Press) by sending an e-mail to

Please include your name, and your choice for President and Vice President.

Club President

Paul Lark

Oswego, Il.
43, Married with two (2) children
President; IGC, Inc. for the past 19 years
PhD in Managerial and Organizational Behavior
Local elected official within Kendall County
Member of CMMC for the past two (2) years
2006 MC AB/AB

I would propose and work towards making the following changes within the club.
· Revamp clubs website to include online registration, paypal for club events, annual renewal for membership, and provide own forum sections outside of North American Motoring (NAM) and MINI2

· Advance planning for club events to be posted on website and newsletter up to one (1) year out. Although the current board plans tentative dates, having set dates people can plan for would be advantageous to all.

· Propose to have one annual renew date for all club members and prorate potential members if joining thereafter

· Formally survey club members once every two years and to seek formal feedback after each event

· Review our non-for-profit status and update current bylaws. In conjunction, have the Board look to develop a simple Vision and Mission Statement about the Club and to provide copies of the clubs annual and financial reports to all active members

· Propose annual Maintenance and Detailing Clinic for membership outside of a casual “MOD” party

· Propose more formal relationships with dealers and develop relationships with potential vendors

· Propose a yearly charity drive (each year would be a different charity)

· Review Membership cost to ensure members are getting the most for their dollar

I’m more than willing to discuss any of the above in detail and can be reached via email at


Paul Lark

Steve Rosenblum

Steve Rosenblum for Club President

The Chicago MINI Motoring club and local community have been an integral
part of my life since its inception.
I participated in the first area event a few weeks after I took delivery
of my Cooper in August 2002. This beginning led a group of MINI
enthusiasts, including myself, current Club VP Gabe Bridger, Treasurer
Matt Adams, former Board member Jim Michener, and several others to
organize and participate in area drives and we formed the CMMC into what
it is today. I have also forged relationships with many of the area clubs
including the MilwaukeeMINIs and M.I.N.I.

As the current CMMC President, my responsibilities include, but are not
limited to; the maintenance of the club website, monthly e-mail news, the
organization and planning of events, moderating on the
NorthAmericanMotoring web forum, club member assistance, and the
processing of new memberships and renewals.
I enjoy participating in our club activities, and I am an active attendee
at other Midwest area MINI clubs events.

The CMMC has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of MINI enthusiasts as
well as putting us all together in an environment where we can have fun
and share our common interests. I am very appreciative of the great
friendships I share with many of you.

I have offered and received help modifying, upgrading and maintaining many
MINIs and have been involved in numerous activities that I never would
have been able to do on my own.

I would like to see this club remain a casual, low key, low cost, family
place for people to get together and enjoy themselves and their
cars, and to experience fun roads and drives around the general
Chicagoland area.
The club has grown to a large enough size that we can offer additional
discounts and perks to make your membership a great value.

The feeling of community within the club is what makes the effort put into
this club worthwhile.

I hope that you will vote for myself and Arnie Press to help preserve the
things that you and I enjoy about the Chicago MINI Motoring Club.

Together we can do anything.

Steve Rosenblum:President

Vice President

Blake Mayerle

In the last year I have been a very active member of the Club and I believe that
this dedication is only the beginning for what I can bring in the coming years.

I have taken time to develop and test drive routes for events, hosted events, assisted in planning events as well as thinking of ideas that would move the club forward.

In making the club more efficient I believe that we need a new website that more serves the club. Small improvements like a photo gallery with pictures of people and their cars will help in remembering the name of that one member you met one time two years ago and you can’t remember their name.

A voluntary private member directory put in place so that if you wanted to ask a question of a member you could just give them a call.

Online registration and payment of yearly dues has been one thing that members have been asking for. This is not difficult to setup and only takes minutes. This way we could take registrations for event meals for example and be able to keep the costs down for members by offering a lower price.

I have also been part of the dealers coming around to partner with the club again. I have been talking to folks at the three dealers and they are back on track to understanding why they should be supporting the club now and in the future. Let’s face it, we are some of their best advertising! Weekends when we are driving around in formation and folks see us and think, “what’s up with all those little cars…”
case closed!

These are only some of my many ideas and I will be able to bring some fresh ideas to the table as I will have owned my MINI 2 years when the spring drive rolls around and I have been part of the club the entire time!

Thank you for reading this and I hope that everybody who is a current member of the club votes!


Arnie Press

Arnie Press for Club Vice President

Why I am running for VP
The reason I am running for the position of Vice President, is to preserve the current structure and integrity of the club. Nobody has ever run against either Gabe or Steve, and frankly I never would have because I believe they have done such an awesome job. Now that Gabe is stepping down, I am running with the intention of following in the footsteps and path that both he and Steve have laid. With the ultimate of respect for both of them, my goal is to continue to grow our club and expand on fun.

Lets grow by committee and expand through member input!
Most importantly I am a team player, and would focus on members’ ideas and opinions and try to implement as many good ideas as possible. I have been a member of this club for 4 years, and have enjoyed every bit of it. Good friends, fun times, fun drives, tinkering with our cars, learning from each other and motoring is what it’s all about!

If elected…
Rather than telling you all the things I can think of that can be done (and there are many!), my first plan of action would be to start a private forum that only CMMC members could access (Yahoo group or access page like our by-laws). This way all members’ opinions can and will be heard and weighed by the board, in addition to the board’s thoughts. Opinion by committee is an open and healthy format and will help assure that the club is headed in a direction its members want.

Who am I? ~ I’m not the guy in the middle 😉
I am generally a nice guy that believes in trust and respect. With this as my foundation, you can be assured that my only intention is to improve and maintain the quality of our great club. After 21 years of running my own business, I am finally able to free more of my time and devote it to the club. For all the wonderful, great friends and times it has given my wife and I, I would be honored to have your vote as the first step in fulfilling my wish to pay back to the club and what it has done for me.

My MINI years of experience…
As an ambassador of the MINI brand and a Mini owner for 25+ years, I have raced, autocrossed, restored and rebuilt many Minis/MINIs throughout the years, and have several strong relationships with vendors.

My MINI Family includes – listed by age, not necessarily beauty 🙂 [Gallery]
1962 Mini Countryman (Woody Wagon)
1965 Mini Cooper 1275 S
2002 MINI Cooper S – daily driver, majorly modified
2003 MINI Cooper S – modified and winner of People’s Choice MINI at the British Car Fest the last 4 years in a row

Let’s all make a note to vote! It’s cool to be A Chicago Mini Motor Voter.

Thanks and warmest regards,

Events Coordinator

Jeffrey Oberg

Dear CMMC Members,

My mission for the club in 2008 is Growth. We in the CMMC are passionate about our Minis, and have therefore gone out of our way to become a part of this great club. Unfortunately, we do not make it easy for other Mini owners to learn about our great club and come out to share in our passion. I will work to change that.

Back in 2005 I first test drove a Mini at Cincinnati Mini and was immediately hooked. Shortly after, I joined NAM and began lurking until finally finding my ’04 MCS last June. Two weeks later I was on my first CMMC drive, and the stupid, silly grin has yet to leave my face.

I am sure many of you have had similar experiences of being gripped by all that is Mini from day one, and then seeking out our club or NAM for the shared experience. However, many of our fellow owners came to Mini for its cuteness, affordability, or as simply an econobox (sad, but true), only to discover the joys of motoring after the fact. Judging from our membership rolls compared with the number of Minis in the Chicagoland area, a good many Mini owners either do not know we exist, or we make it too difficult to join and participate.

Granted, not all Chicagoland Mini owners are interested in what we have to offer. Most will not join, but a good many probably would if they knew of us, and we made it easy. Growing our membership ranks, partnerships and other marketing opportunities will only serve to strengthen the club, and thereby create more opportunities for the current members.

I am committed to a stronger Chicago Mini Motor Club with a greater diversity of opportunities for all out members. This is what I will work towards as your Events Coordinator in 2008.

Thank you,


Paul Rossman

I am honored to be considered for the position of Chicago MINI Motoring Club Communications/Secretary officer. First, I would like to thank all the past and present board members for the many hours of hard work that has made our club what it is today. Steve and Gabe, over the years you have, as CMMC Presidents, moved our club forward. To the outgoing board members, Gabe, Matt and Lori, many MINI thanks for your leadership!

I purchased my first MINI in 2005 and immediately became a CMMC member. Since then, I have driven thousands of miles across the US and traveled around the world to take part in MINI events and to meet the people who make driving a MINI special. As diverse as the people who drive MINIs are, we as a group are unique in that the MINI community is unlike anything else in the world.

As the club communications officer I would like to expand our online offerings, including a club forum, online payment and increased club visibility with services such as Flickr. Experiences that qualify me for this position include helping to organize club drives, assisting with (MINIs on the Dragon) Dragon Brew Swap, being a very active MINI community member and my career as a Cluster Administrator for one of the worlds largest high energy physics experiments ever built.

With two MINIs (R53/R56) in our garage and a third next year, I intend to be an active member of the CMMC for years to come. I want to continue making our club a place for friends and families to gather and have MINI motoring fun. It does not matter who reaches the end of club drive in the shortest amount of time. What matters is that we all have fun and reach our destinations safely. I will actively campaign for these values.

I look forward to the opportunity of serving as the Chicago MINI Motoring Club Communications/Secretary officer.


Chris Michalek

I am honored to submit my candidacy for the position of Treasurer. First, I would like to thank the outgoing board members for their years of service to the club and congratulate their accomplishments and what they started from scratch.
I have been a member since 03/06. I own an 05 Pepper White MC and live on the west side of Chicago. I attended my first CMMC event in April of 2006 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I have two words (maybe it’s one hyphenated word, or is it one word?) …PayPal. In order to make the club membership and associated events as convenient as possible, It will be my goal to incorporate the convenience and ease of using PayPal for all club events and membership. I believe that motoring should be as easy as possible, by using PayPal we can make that happen with Online membership payments and event payments.

As a board member, I believe that the club should be a laid back, recreational outlet, a stress reliever, a chance to get together with friends to discuss the Clubman and its ‘butt-smile.’ I will bring an enthusiasm for the club as well as an independent voice the board.

Motoring Liberal, Fiscally Conservative!
Vote Chris for treasurer.

Together, we can make a difference!

77 thoughts on “CMMC Elections 2008

  1. This is great to see. A big thanks to Steve for putting this up and organizing the whole thing.

    He’ll undoubtedly have my vote. Based on all he does (that perhaps only a few know about) I have no idea how the CMMC would even exist and function without him.

    Not to downplay anyone else (everyone here has great MINI-related stories) but how great would it be to see someone like Arnie or Paul R involved as well!

  2. “The reason I am running for the position of Vice President, is to preserve the current structure and integrity of the club. Nobody has ever run against either Gabe or Steve, and frankly I never would have because I believe they have done such an awesome job. Now that Gabe is stepping down, I am running with the intention of following in the footsteps and path that both he and Steve have laid. With the ultimate of respect for both of them, my goal is to continue to grow our club and expand on fun.”

    Has there ever been an opportunity for anyone to run for Pres or VP? Steve became Pres in the same way Raul is now Pres of Cuba.

  3. I’m also voting for Blake. Based on Blake’s involvement over the last 2 years and his big investment of last year in 3 major events.
    I know and like Arnie. He is a great car guy and I look forward to his increased involvement in our club in the years to come.

  4. How are we voting? Do we post our votes here or email them to steve? or someone else?

    Voting starts February 29th and continues thru March 7th.
    You e-mail at that time with your name and who you would like for President and Vice President.

    I think I know who I’m voting for 😉

  5. Known Arnie for over 8 years. he is a great guy and would be a great asset to this club. he has belonged to M.I.N.I. when I met him. very club oriented and wants only the best. Steve what a great guy. We look forward to seing him continue. You have held the club together when other were not able. Sometimes life gets busy, but steve has been here for this club. I hope people read this and realize what a great club we have and will continue to have. vote for Steve and Arnie!! yea!

  6. Dear Cathy,

    Steve as not been the guy holding this club together. There have been many other making this club happen and Steve is not on the top of that list or even on it.

    Arnie’s been to one or two events in the last 14 months. While it became “OK” for board members to not show up at events month after month. It does not serve the members for that to be “OK” for 2008.

    I can no longer sit by and watch Steve ride the coat tails of others back into the position of Pres.

    I need address some of Steve position statement.
    “I have also forged relationships with many of the area clubs
    including the Milwaukee MINIs” I was the one that contacted MM to do the 07 Spring event together. I also contact MM months ago about doing the Cubs game. I have also been the one to work with MM for this years Spring drive.
    “The club has grown to a large enough size that we can offer additional
    discounts and perks to make your membership a great value.” Maybe Steve would like to provide the details and the cost to CMMC members for the Karting events. A discount I did not support. I would also like to know the numbers on club growth and just what Steve has done to grow it?
    Steve offered this to those running for office “Thank you all for stepping up and offering your help to our club. I would like everyone to send me a short bio/position statement which we will post on the club website so people can get a sense of who you are and
    where you are coming from.” Yet he seems to have taken the liberty of adding countless links within his bio/position statement (and running mate) that was not offered to or done and could have been, for the others. The others were also not made aware that they could have run together. Why?

    “Together we can do anything.” For the last year that I have been on the board I must say it has been the most poorly run of all the boards I am a part of or have been a part of. Our bylaws are all but forgotten. Our meetings have never started on time by more then 30-45 mins. Out side of events, very little of what the board as voted on as been done. “Together” we have done very little as a board. Most of the events in the past 18 months have happen without Steve’s involvement or leadership.

    I have been in an on going battle with Steve for the last year and do not wish to make it one more year.

    Steve, Gabe and Matt have started a good club, I want to help make it a great club with new visions of new board members.

    If you would like more details about the above and more feel free to call me at 312-388-4263. Dustin

  7. All,

    Let’s keep the personal insults out of this. I suggest we post questions in this forum for the contested offices to respond to.

    The way I see it, there is are signficant differences in management style and vision for the club between the two candidates for pres. Having seen each other’s position statement, in a simple short paragraph, why are each of you better prepared to lead this club in 2008?

    VP candidates. Haven’t heard a peep out of either of you (maybe that’s a good thing!). Same question. Having seen each other’s position statement, how are you better prepared for the roll of second in command?

    And for what it’s worth, I’d like to see a more visual leadership team. Looking at the list of current board members, I only know three and only Dustin has been to a majority of events since I joined the club last year (and I have been to most). You simply can’t know what the needs of the club are from monitoring a website.

    Good luck all. Steve, Paul, Blake and Arnie. I’ll be looking for your responses.

  8. I agree with Jeffrey. I think we would all rather see any political discussion around the choices facing the membership in this election focused on the various platforms of the candidates, as opposed to personal attacks on any of the candidates.

    For me, it’s not just a question of what we’re going to do, but how it’s going to be done. For a lot of us the “tone” and “atmosphere” of the Club are as important as what the Club’s activities are. Negative comments about others don’t help us to understand the attributes of the newer candidates.

    Personally, I would value a statement from the new candidates staking a position on not doing any negative campaigning. Not saying anything says a lot too. Let us know that you are bringing a positive tone to the Club, that you are focused on creating a great atmosphere.

    I am not interested in the alleged failings of others. It is not consistent with the spirit of “motoring” as I know it. I am more interested in what you’re about. Tell us.

  9. Members, my posting was not an attack. I just want all of you to know what I know from the inside. I had hope that Steve would sail off in to the sunset and know of the above would come to light. With the idea of 2 more years of Steve I only wanted the members to know the truth. The truth may hurt, but it’s not an attack.

  10. Jeffrey, I want you to know, I am here listening, but I am not responding quite yet. I am saddened by the dissent and negativity of some of the posts and I want to keep things focused on helping the club, not attacks of hatred or aggressive behavior. Since it’s now in the public eye, you will hear from me very soon, but I don’t want to fuel the ugly bus. I believe most members share a very positive view of this club and how things are going.

  11. I agree that the attacks must stop because that is what they are. I have faith that the members of the club will vote the right people into office.

  12. This is a response to Jeff’s question.

    I have been an active member for the last 2 years and I have taken responsibilities in the club already. I have spoken to many members in the last year so I have an idea of what needs to be done to take the club forward. I have had a dialog with the 3 area dealers and have helped get them back on board with the club.

    I agree with Jeff’s statement that the leadership of the club must be visible and approachable. I attended way more events in the last two years than I missed and one of the main reasons I went to events was to be part of the MINI family.

    If there are any other questions, please let me know,

    Thank you,


  13. I’m happy to be the fall guy, but the facts are still the facts. When is someone going to ask for an accounting of the clubs money? I asked for a report on the 08 Karting event months ago and have not seen it.

    Steve how much money did the karting event cost the members of CMMC?

  14. Dustin,

    You are out of line. We all had a well documented e-mail conversation regarding the karting event with your well noted objections. All members of the board we’re able to comment and vote on the details of the event. The consequence of that event, or any other event, is not Steve’s alone. More accurately the responsibility should lie with me as I was the driving force behind the event. I’m happy to continue this conversation in a more discrete forum if you’d like.

  15. Matt,

    Steve is and wants to be Pres, it’s time to step up and be the Pres and report the facts. This is a public club with money in play. I think the members are very over due a report of how that money is used.

  16. Dustin,

    This is a private club. If you don’t like how things are run, why didn’t you run for president yourself?

    There is no requirement that you remain a member of the CMMC. Perhaps its time for you to make a decision if you want to be a part of an organization that doesn’t meet your expectations.

  17. So when do the badmouthing commercials, and other propaganda start?? lol Having been a member of the club for almost 4 years now, and getting to know Steve fairly well in that time, i would say he has done a great job in helping the club become what it is today. Hopefully he will be re-elected, cause it would be a shame to see him go. From the few times i have talked to Arnie, he also seems to be a great guy who is very knowledgeable about MINI’s, and in my opinion would be a great person for the job. But enough of my endorsements… Hopefully people can keep their comments positive, cause the last thing a great club like this need is an internal battle. Good luck to everybody and i will see you all at the spring drive!!

    (The young kid who drives a 04 EB MCS.)

  18. To reaffirm the position of this club as a long time member, we created it to be a social environment to which anyone can join. It’s sole purpose is to bring together a group of people to share each others passion for the MINI and each other’s company. I fail to see a role in this club for somebody that feels comfortable attacking individuals that have made this club pleasureable. CMMC may not be perfect, but it is improving. The forum and voting process will as much help. I am embarrased for Dustin to read his persistant and unwelcome comments. This is, after all, just a social club and not to be confused with an individuals personal agenda.

  19. Wow… I haven’t checked this post in 24 hrs so you can imagine my surprise. I am truly stunned by the negative comments from one individual here. I want to make sure that everyone is clear that he, in no way, speaks for anyone else on the board.

    When we started this club, I remember one of our biggest priorities was to create a fun atmosphere where anyone would feel welcome, whether it be on the site or at events. It saddens me to see a member of the board (of all people) completely disregard this founding principle.

    Truth be told, this isn’t the first time one or more of the board members have had to endure this kind of abuse from the person in question. I’m just sorry others now have to read it.

  20. When will one of you “leaders” tell the club the truth about the cash spent on the karting event?

    I did not run because the bylaws. One of the few times Steve wanted to use the bylaws, now I know why.

    Bottom line, my above statements are true and just because I question the chosen few and since they seem to only want to dance around the issues raised I think you know what to make of them.

    The club is still fun, and there was more fun last year in spite of not because.

    I’m not embarrassed and don’t need anyone to be for me.

    I’ve been the one on the inside watching, and if anything should have turned on the light months ago. I didn’t in hope of leadership changes and at this point looks like more of the same.

    If Steve wants to lead CMMC then stand up address the postings and lead. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

    I also want to thank those of you that called today.

    If most of the members don’t care, I guess I shouldn’t care.

  21. The truly sad this is this is out in the public for all to see. I strongly suggest after the election this discussion be deleted and forgotten. Is this the impression you all want to leave for future members and our current members who only come to the site from time to time.

    Enough already!

  22. Good Point Jeffrey, but everything (after deleted) remains in the cache.I believe it will be there for searchers. via search engine page caching.

  23. Taylor,

    I’m more than willing to publicly state I’m campaigning on the issues of the club only.

    I’m running as an individual who wants to contribute through my personal and professional experience. I ran for the board when the 2 at large seats were available, so my interest in running for President was something I didn’t just decide.

    Being an elected official, I’ve experienced firsthand both the good and bad of running for office. I’m sure you’re well aware that at any level, people with various backgrounds, personalities and ideals may not always agree and it’s working towards consensus if disagreements arise.

    My life won’t stop if not elected. I’ll still come to events, will still develop friendships and have fun in the process. I’m not out to win a popularity contest, I’m here to hopefully lead in a productive, fun, and positive manner.

    Jeff, like Arnie, I’m going to wait till this settles down a little to directly respond to your question.


    Paul Lark

  24. Jeffrey, thanks for pointing out what new / interested members see. I just joined weeks ago, went to the last outing, and now I am wondering what I got myself into. Open minded to a fault, I look very forward to the drive in March I hope everyone remembers this whole thing is about the drive.

  25. Hey Jon,
    Welcome to the club! I can assure you that this was a most unusual event here on our site. I certainly apologize to you and anyone that was offended or put off. CMMC always has great times and fun events. There are MINI Mini dedicated enthusiasts here and a lot of camaraderie. Usually the tone is at a volume of 3-7 not 11. Rest assured, as time moves on, you will see you have made no mistake by joining this club.

  26. Folks:

    As CMMC member #7 and the original Board Member At Large I have going on 6 years experience with the club and can assure everyone that this club has wonderful volunteers and you will get more than your money’s worth in joining. Please do not let any negativity posted above sway you. All these folks are passionate about cars in general, and even more so about MINI’s! There are just some differences in opinion regarding future direction the club should take.

    I’m glad to see the folks interested in serving the club. I know first hand the time and effort it takes so each one of them should be commended. Let the candidates state their case and let the votes fall where they may. This MINI stuff is all for fun remember????

    However in my opinion the election post is not one that I feel replies should be allowed to be posted to. If there are questions for candidates how about an email address be set up to receive those and have the current secretary or another such person send the questions to the candidates and then post their responses on the board.



  27. OUCH! I have been a CMMC member since 2004, along with Adam, Marco, Conrad, etc. and have seen this club grow and events become more varied and diverse. It has always been a friendly place where I can bring my son (albeit the gnome freaked him out for awhile!) and enjoy the events. No matter what happens with the elections, let’s hope that it can stay that way.

  28. **I am put off by your comments Blake.**
    You try to distance your self from all the negativity yet you were always at Dustin’s side at events; More recently the karting event. Like minded people stick together in my humble opinion.

  29. PLEASE everyone!!

    I do not want to see any more personal attacks on this thread.

    All the candidates have good ideas for how they would like to see this club progress and move forward. The rest does not help the situation, and I think this has already been said.

    Thank you.

  30. I have consulted with the gnome actually, and the gnome agrees that it is time to turn the corner and get back to more positive posts and idea exchanges.

    John, I am actually with Tommy on that one, although I like Dennis a lot. Liam is too pensive for my tastes.

  31. Tommy was mildly disturbed when he got “gnome-ified” (that’s an AdaMarco-ism)at the drive-in event a couple of summers ago.

    I’m with you Seeker, maybe we start a write-in campaign for Liam. Bet we could elect the stiff.

  32. I’m having difficulty trying to vote for people I don’t even know. I have seen Steve at only two of the events that I have attended. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Gabe Bridger, Matt Adams, or Lori Wright. My impressions of the club were that Dustin and Francis ran the club. Besides Blake, these are the only members that I have seen at all events I have attended. I know Dustin has taken time out to prerun events for us, handed out driving directions and has always given the drivers meeting, complete with jokes and laughs. I don’t have any issues with anyone in the club but I have felt, that Dustin was and is the team captain! So… I don’t know who to vote for!

  33. P.S. I don’t like to write these things but I’m on a roll now.

    Blake the BBQ was great. Paul the bugers were cooked to perfection. And I would know – it’s one of the only foods I eat.

    Galena run was a blast…I would like to thank our awesome tour guide Matt.

  34. Steve has been to many gatherings and so has Lori. Gabe has been to some also. Maybe you never saw/met these people due to how large the club is. It is large too. I am still putting names and faces together and I have been around for 3 years. I just attended my 19th in 12 years national mini event this past week in florida. Heck I am still trying to put names faces and cars together. There are too many people to remember.

    Troy can you place me? Bet not. I have been to many events. You may recognize me. I could not pick you out. No idea who you are. That’s ok. We are there, some just are more noticable at times.

  35. Cathy,

    Yes, I do know who you are. You have an blue mini with an American Flag on the roof and red wheels!

    I Drive the GP!

  36. impressed.
    All one needs to remember too much politics is not good. I saw Mini’s in Northern Illinois fall apart because of it. For a second time. There was a head strong individual that made it rough for many. They are long gone from the scene, but what they left behind was hurt feelings, a mess and a very small membership. No one should do this to a club. It’s about the fun. Friends and not blame. I know the people who are on the board and all they are doing is busting their behinds to make it work. Been on events chair for the Canada club when I lived in MI. Been on events, secretary and treas for M.I.N.I. got a bunch of greif at times. but oh well. there are always some that want to ruffle feathers. so be it.

  37. Hello CMMC members,

    I am member #39. I have been a member since August,2003. I purshased my second Mini in 2005. This club was a big reason for me getting another Mini Cooper. I was impressed with the friendly club members. We were like one big family. Each event was another chance to share a great and very pleasant fun experience. Driving our great Mini’s is a great fun experince. It is greater when we do it together.

    Our president and board members have done a great job. The club is a great club! Sorry that some of our new members do not know who are the officers. Purhaps they could be introduced at all of the events.

    This is the first time I have seen negative comments on our site. I am saddened greatly. Lets lift our club to higher levels.

    Mr RCH

  38. well said, cathy:^)

    This gnome?
    (I am attempting to link to Paul’s above gnomage… if it fails, %^* scroll up to his post and view his slideshow. You will wee the MINI community at its best & highest! Mt Washington IS up there!!))

    Thanks for the fresh air, Paul!
    Let’s celebrate our unity and keep the Chicago Club vibrant and progressive!

    Vote for the “stiff”…LOL We love u Liam!;^)
    There’s room in this club for alll types.

    p.s. Registration for this years MOT (MINIs On Top) has officially opened!

  39. Great posts Cathy and Rich! For those that don’t know them they are two excellent members of CMMC that embody the MINI spirit of “Let’s Motor”. They are car fanatics that attend the CMMC events that they can, are very friendly and have a good time motoring. This is the spirit of the majority of the club and what none of us want to lose.

    Steve is the glue that has held this club together for 6 years. I’d have to say if it weren’t for his work the club may not even exist at this point.

    Blake I have gotten to know over the past year and is a great car lover’s guy. He was born into the car lifestyle and is great to have active at our events.

    Arnie is a car nut. I met him through this club several years ago, but run into him all the time at a variety of car events. Off the top of my head I can think of seeing him at several CMMC events, Lotus Corp events, M.I.N.I. events, summer village car shows in Mundelien and Libertyville, the USGP at Indy, and at last year’s Micro Car national event in Crystal Lake. I’m pretty sure that he and Lena were two of the primary organizers of that event which if you did not attend was amazing. Micro cars were present from all over the country and the event was VERY well run. I have to beleive that Arnie would not have run for office if he did not plan on attending the majority of the club events.

    Now back to the motoring. And don’t forget to wave!


  40. Also…. when a vote has been received, I will respond to you as your confirmation that your votes were received and tallied.

    Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks!

  41. Dear CMMC Members,

    This posting goes back to Jeff’s post above as to why I feel I’m qualified in leading the club and to stay focus on the office I’m running for. I’ll try to keep this short and consise.

    Firstly though I will say this. I would highly suggest that after the election is over all parties involved sit down and work through whatever issues there are.

    Although I’m not please on how Dustin handled himself and perhaps hurt my chances in winning. I don’t hold any ill-will against him and look forward for some great events he’s planned. Just remember we’re here for one thing; to enjoy a great vehicle and the times driving it with like minded people.

    Now to the topic at hand. I offer 19 years of running a successful business, 4 years of being an elected official at board level. 2 years of board membership on a not for profit organization. My Ph.D is in Managerial and Organizaitonal Behavior and Organizational Development. 2 years as a MINI owner who loves what MINI is about. I’m a proactive, consensus building, team leader who sees the club evolving like the MINI itself over the years.

    My personal life will afford me the time and dedication to be active as board president. I will also make a commitment to be present at the majority of club events and be available when my presence is needed.

    In closing I offer change instead of status quo with miminal impact for the membership. It will still be a causal, family friendly club, just lead and managed in a more legal, professional and fiscal manner.

    Thanks and best regards,


  42. I would like to say thank you in advance for everyone who votes, not just for me but everyone who cares about the club.

    I believe that change can happen even if we do keep the same president because we already added 3 great people to the board and I have a feeling, from what I read in their statements, that they want to make some changes. That is great!

    It is too bad that we had to have the sour note here but I am sure it will be forgotten in time. Perhaps the new board can discuss in a rational manner the concerns and come to an agreement about the issues that were brought up this week.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be able to serve you.


  43. All,

    Just because I am running uncontested doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a good grilling on my plans as your Events Coordinator. So ask away. And if you prefer to email me privately, my email address is

    My name is Jeffrey Oberg, and I approve this message.

  44. Wow…this is a mess. BUT after serving numerous times in student governments, organizations, etc., I can relate.

    I am a fairly young member (since 03/07) and unfortunately have not joined many events in the last year. Although I have made the last 3 consecutively; Auto Show, Dealer Meet @ Knauz, and Clubman Event @ Patrick. Hopefully the trend continues. Because of this, the only people I really know are Francis (went to school with his brother) and Dan C. (was my college classmate). Other than that, I embarassingly still mix up names and faces. That said, I am also oblivious to the issues that have been hotly debated here.

    In my experience, I have been on both sides, where I questioned the leadership and have been questioned as a leader. Although Dustin is quite adamant about questioning, why not just address them and comments? No accussations on anyone, but why can’t that info be made publc?

    In the end, I will have to base my vote on what the candidates have to say.

    I have not committed my vote to anyone yet, but I would have to say that Paul’s bullet-point statements were more clear than the paragraphs from all the other candidates. Regardless I will take in what all the candidates have to say.

    Sorry, I guess I’m just anal like that….

    Dan C., Don’t Say It!!!

  45. Hi Jonathan E,
    Lena and I just met you at the Autoshow a few weeks ago, when you mentioned to Steve to come sign the MINI Display. Hope this helps put a face to my name, if not click my links in my bio above.
    Here is a link to my car parked two cars to the left of yours. HERE

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Spring Drive!

  46. One of the candidates has recommended this, but how wonderful if we had a member gallery with pictures and names…..

  47. ** Vote Update **

    I’ve sent confirmations to all votes received so far.

    If you didn’t receive a reply, please resubmit your vote and include your FULL NAME and the names of the candidates you are voting for.

  48. Wow, holy posts batman, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a responce! I hope to see you all soon, sorry I had missed the last few events. My wedding is in about a month, hence my missing for the last few months. But I plan on hitting our club’s many exciting events this year. Best of luck to all that are up for election! ***Lori***

  49. Huge thanks to all for the positive posts and support.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Spring Drive on the 9th!!

  50. **** Update for 3/8 ****

    First, thank you to all of the membership who participated in this vote. Your commitment to this club is to be commended and greatly appreciated.

    Second and more important, I have sent a confirmation email to ALL VOTES received. If you did not receive a confirmation, your vote was not received. If you fall into this scenario, please email me today!!! so I can add your vote to the final tally.

    The winners will be announced tomorrow at the Spring Drive and will also be posted on the site whenever we get back.

    Thanks again! Email me if you have any questions.

    – Francis (MiniMac2005) CMMC Board Member at Large

  51. I would like to congratulate all the new and returning board members. I look forward to all the good things that you will accomplish for the club.

  52. Congratulations to all of the winners, and a heartfelt thank you to outgoing members! Gabe and Matt, I remember all of your hard work to make this club a reality, without you,it might not have gotten done…thank you!

  53. Congratulations to all the winners! I joined the club back in October of 2005 and I don’t regret joining this club. The one thing I do regret is the fact that I am unable to attend most events and meet everyone. In case you don’t remember me either, I am just a regular joe, member number 185 that hides among the crowd. Most notably is my Indi-blue MINI with the ragtop sunroof, not a glass sunroof nor a convertible top, but a combination of both, a ragtop sunroof. I periodically check this site and that is usually my only contact with the club. I had no idea until recently of the feuds that plagued this election and this club. I can’t hide the fact that I am deeply saddened and a bit dissapointed with the general mood during this election. I am confident that members of all ranks and levels can work together, just like the DSC option on my MINI, and communicate with one another in order to steer the club in the direction that we intend to go. Let’s roll down our windows and hear that sweet sound of a MINI engine and that familiar whine of the front wheels as one family, one well oiled machine, never speaking the words “are we there yet”. I do love my MINI and do not regret joining this club!

    Let’s Keep Motoring 🙂

    Luis Perez

    PS: Does your MINI need to be detailed? If so, call me, 773-213-1812.

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