Drive-in Drive 08/16

WRAPUP:  Beautiful weather brought out about a dozen cars out for a scenic and fun drive around the Kane County area.  We had a blast looping the industrial park traffic circles as well as some nice tree lined twisty and hilly bits.  We met a few more MINI friends at dinner.  Everyone who attended the Drive-In movie had a great time  😉

Big thanks to Paul for the route planning.  It was unfortunate that work plans got in the way of his chance to enjoy the ride.

Pictures by: Francis | Dan CArnie and Lena |                                           

Come on out and join us for a drive, dinner and a drive-in movie on August 16th. Enjoy a movie outdoors under the stars at the Cascade Drive-in, one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the area.

When: Saturday August 16th Meet at 4pm, back for dinner at about 6pm, and we will head over to the drive-in at about 7:30. We will meet rain or shine.

Where: The Drive start and finish are in the Menards parking lot 220 W. North Avenue (just west of Rt. 59) [Map Link]

Dinner is at Augustino’s located in the same mall area.

The Cascade Movie theater is one mile east at 1100 North Ave [Map Link]

What is the Movie: Star Wars: the Clone Wars andThe Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


What to bring: A camera, bug spray, optional FRS radio (tuned to Channel 1, sub channel 1), your favorite MINI clothing and a smile. NOTE: Admission for the Cascade Drive- in is Cash only, so be prepared!!

Why: Just for fun, and to hang out with MINI (and Mini) friends

Don’t have time for everything? Then just stop by for the parts you can make!!

21 thoughts on “Drive-in Drive 08/16

  1. I think I’ll be able to do this one, for the drive and dinner, anyway. Looking forward to it. Taylor

  2. I am in for it all, probably solo.

    You may want to bring a folding chair for the movie and hang out outside if the weather is nice..

  3. I’d love to come hang out, and watch a movie, althought I wouldn’t be able to bring the MINI, The parking lot in the cascade is slightly [I mean VERY] uneven…something a lowered car can’t handle…

    Would anyone be offended with a bright yellow truck with beverages and some tailgating food?

  4. Hey Rich!! We missed you at MTTS!!! Bring the truck… maybe we can rig it up with cameras to get good pics of the MINIs in motion. Otherwise, I can let you drive while I take pics in my MCC.

  5. Lori and I are really looking forward to this one. It will be our first drive-in experience, and we can’t think of a better way than with the club!

    Rich- Thanks for the heads up on clearance. Watch out for your radiators!

  6. We’re in,

    Remember to bring your antenna for the FM sound.
    Just in case you remove it to cover your car… OR they have in car speakers, but STEREO is better… Can’t remember the last time I was at a Drive-in. LQQKing forward to a great event!

  7. BTW-What’s playing that night?

    They should publish the movies after this weekend, and I will update the top of this post to let everyone know.

  8. According to Fandango, Cascade will be showing “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” at 8pm, and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor at 9:50pm.

  9. I might be showing up for the drive-in portion. I have to work till 6, so we will see. If I do show up, it will be my girlfriend and I with possibly a dirty MINI unless I can manage to wash it.

  10. I will be there tonight. My nephews are doing the drive with me, and my sister and nieces will join us afterward for dinner and the movie (in the Ford Explorer). =) Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  11. Really good route! Thanks Paul for putting it together! The circles were quite fun. We had a nice group for the drive and dinner so it was worth the trip.

  12. I was excited about this event and even had a date for it but unfortunately something came up and i was unable to make it…which sucks. Perhaps we can organize another mini event like this soon?

  13. Hats off to Paul for setting up an awesome drive. Perfect in every aspect.
    Great group, we had a blast!

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