MINI Buddy System

Starting with our upcoming event, we will be working out a new optional MINI Buddy System.

This will give potential and new club members a chance to hook up 1 on 1 with a more experienced club member to enhance their experience at events.

What are the details?

At each event we will have all interested newer and more experienced club members check in to let us know who would like to participate.  We will then match people up for that event.

What do I do?

For the more experienced club members, it is really nothing more than what you are already doing..  You can help make a few introductions and just share the things you like about our cars and our club.  You can also pair up and help keep an eye on the newer club member during the driving portions to ensure they don’t get lost and that they have a good time.

For the newer members is is a great chance to meet new people and learn a bit about our club.

So, at each event,  just stop by and let any of the club officers know you are interested in participating and we will all go from there!!

One thought on “MINI Buddy System

  1. Id be happy to be the buddy of any new females about my age 😉

    But it really is a good idea and if i can make it to the drive in id be glad to be someones buddy.

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