Baseball Meetup (09/28)

WRAPUP:  Over 100 Milwaukee and Chicago club members met for a fantastic baseball event!!  20-somthing MINIs met early in the morning at Knauz MINI for some coffee, donuts, bagels and hanging out time.  We then headed up the expressway to meet up with the MilwaukeeMINIs.  We all took a short drive, and got into Miller Stadium parking area more or less together for a really great catered cookout or grilling on our own.  After that we headed in to the park to watch the game.  One club member snagged a foul ball, and one caught a flying cell phone from the balcony above us.  Final score, the MilwaukeeMINIs and Chicago MINI Motoring Club won (as did the Brewers).

Huge thanks to Theresa for all the planning, as well as purchasing the tickets way back in March so we could have this event, and Knauz MINI for opening up on a Sunday and bringing in the food!!

If anyone has pictures of the game, please send a link (but not the actual photos) to and I will put them here..

Pics by: Dan C | Arnie and Lena | Daniel M | Steve | Anthony

UPDATE: 09/15/2008  Theresa is making plans for a catered BBQ for anyone who is interested..   If you want to participate in the BBQ for the tailgate, the cost is $10 per adult/$5 per child. We will be having brats, burgers and hot dogs, rolls, all condiments, fresh fruit, creamy coleslaw, AND brownies/cookies.  Everyone is responsible for their own beverages – glass bottles are not allowed in the parking lot, but plastic and cans are allowed.  You don’t need to pay now – you will pay the caterer directly on September 28th.
Please respond to if you are interested.

Here are the plans for the Chicago meetup to head into the Cubs/Brewers game on September 28th. [link to original post]

Any interested Chicago area people will meet and head out as a group to join up with the MilwaukeeMINIs near Miller stadium.  From there, we will all head into the  stadium together for a bit of tailgating before the 1:05pm game

WHERE: Knauz MINI 409A Skokie Hwy, Lake Bluff IL 60044 [Map Link]  We will then meet up with the MilwaukeeMINIs near 47th and National Blvd

WHEN: Sunday September 28th Meet at 8:30, Drivers meeting and prepare to leave at 9am

WHO:  Chicago MINI Motoring Club members and friends planning on attending the game.  If you are not going to the game, and would like to meet up and participate in some or all of the drive, add a comment below and come on out to join us!!

WHAT TO BRING:  Comfortable clothes, tailgating food and supplies, sunscreen, a camera, optional FRS radio tuned to Channel 1, subChannel 1 for communication along the drive.

The idea has been floated to see if there is interest in having someone cater the tailgaiting for about $10 per person.  I don’t know if we would have the numbers to make this work, so add a comment below if you are interested.

If you are bringing a grill and have cooking space to share also add a comment so people without space can bring their own meat/whatever to cook.

Also please add a comment below if you are meeting with us in the morning so we know how many people to plan for..

Huge thanks to David from Knauz for opening the store up on his day off, and offering to bring morning coffee and donuts!!

17 thoughts on “Baseball Meetup (09/28)

  1. I’m planning to be at Knauz in the morning (with a guest). I’d be happy to contribute to catering if that’ll help.

  2. There’s two of us coming. The two of us are really excited! This will be our first Mini Ralley. We are also cool with pitching in $10 for catering.

  3. the $10 charge would be fine, plan on spending a few days up there not much room for grill,food, etc. unless I bring my suv up (lol) Mike

  4. We will be meeting you in Milwaukee since we will already be in Wisconsin. I think the catering is a great idea! Go Cubbies!

  5. I’ll be at Knauz, and I’m bringing a small gas grill for the tailgate … grill space available!

    Dan, I’d like to take you up on space for a couple of our burgers..

  6. I’d like to go (perhaps with a friend)… Tickets are sold out though 🙁 If anyone can’t make it on the trip and has tickets, please let me know so I may purchase them. Thanks!

  7. Wow, This was the most fun I have had at a motoring event in a long long time. Great to hang with Milwaukee Mini’s and CMMC. Hats off to great planning, Super Mini Owners, awesome catering, great seats, perfect weather, Thanks for all your hard work Theresa, Wade, Steve, Dave O, Knauz and everybody else… We have to do this again!!! Pictures at the link above. GO CUBBIES AND BREWERS!

  8. This was one of the best events I have been to in a very long time!!! Thanks to everyone who helped organize it. And thanks to everyone who attended. It was a great time of seeing old friends, making new ones, superb tailgating and some good ol’ fashioned baseball! Thanks again, everyone!

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