Starved Rock (10/26)

  WRAPUP:  Almost 40 cars and over 70 people participated in the best Starved Rock event yet.  We had participants from as far away as Wisconsin and Peoria including many new people, and lots of old MINI friends.  The day started out sunny and warm-ish but got much colder and more blustery as the day progressed.  A mid-point lunch spot provided a nice break and a chance to socialize.  The second leg backroad route took us past cornfields and more than a few twisty bits.  There was a bit of dodging and weaving around fallen branches from the high winds that passed through.  Several people braved the weather at the park and took the trek up to the summit of Starved Rock.

Huge thanks to Dustin Krause from Bill Jacobs MINI for opening up on a Sunday, and providing the Donuts and meeting spot.  Thanks also to the many people who helped to make this another home run caliber event including Cathy and Gary, Conrad, Kevin and Arnie!!

Please send links to pictures (but not actual pictures) to and I will post them here to share.

Photos by: Arnie and Lena | Francis | DanC | Ellis | Cathy & Gary |

 This year marks our 5th trip out to Starved Rock.  This has always been a great fall drive to a fun destination.   Bill Jacobs MINI has offered to open up on a Sunday, and let us start from there.

Here are the details so far, with some updates coming soon.

WHEN: Sunday October 26th.  Meet at 11:15, and depart at about Noon.

WHERE: Start is Bill Jacobs MINI 1564 W Ogden Ave, Naperville [Map Link]  ending at Starved Rock State Park in Utica, Illinois.  We will be stopping along the way for a late lunch at RPlace Eatery in Morris, Illinois.

WHAT TO BRING: A full tank of gas, camera, optional FRS radio, your favorite MINI clothing, money for lunch, and a smile

WHO:  This event is open to all Chicago MINI Motoring Club members and friends.  Please add a comment below so we know you will be there.

48 thoughts on “Starved Rock (10/26)

  1. Is there a space limit? I’m thinking I’d like to go in my 1er and have a couple of friends that are interested – all non-MINI folks. Don’t want to intrude…. Let me know please.

  2. Is there a space limit?

    No there isn’t and please do come along.. If I remember right, Starved Rock was your first club drive back in 2004..

  3. plan on attending, will hook up with everyone out towards the Joliet area. Great time at Cub gm! see ya’s the 26th

  4. Not yet a member of CMMC; have a MINI and just wondering if I can join your drive

    Please do come out.. This is a really fun drive!!

    When you get a chance, stop by and introduce yourself to me

  5. Not a member of CMMC, have a MINI and just wondering if I can join your drive

    It would be great to have you along!!

    See you there

  6. hello! i’m a new MINI owner who lives in chicago, not a member of CMMC yet but would love to join you for the drive to starved rock. thanks and looking forward to it! ~marlena

  7. I’ve long been welcomed in the MINI family due to my prior car. I currently have a BMW Z4….ok if I come along?

  8. I’m the proud owner of a new Hot Chocolate Mini Clubman, took delivery on 10/11. I plan on attending and becoming a member of the CMMC.

  9. I currently have a BMW Z4….ok if I come along?

    Please do come along Michael.. Sounds like we will have a quite a few Bimmmers with us on the drive.

  10. So I’m in, with the 1er – wife will ride shotgun. Pretty sure I’ve got at least two others. One will come, probably in a Vette, but if it’s nice enough, maybe Cobra. Other one, never know what car he’ll drive. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  11. Wayne:

    Congrats on your new purchase and the addtion of another HC Clubman to the CMMC! See you on Sunday.


    08 HC/S Clubman
    02 DS/W MCS

  12. Hey everyone, I tossed up a few hundred pictures from today that Lena and I took… (click here)

    We had an awesome time!!!

    Special thanks to Dustin Krause @ Jacobs Mini. Our pre-run team Gary & Kathy. Route specialists Conrad, Kevin, Steve and forgive me if I spaced anyone else.

    A really huge thanks to all our club members and guests for making this event such a special day. YOU ROCK! Today was the largest ever “Rock Run” for CMMC.

    There are a few pictures of MINI’s as far as you can see. Pretty cool! Great to see such an amazing turnout. I really hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

  13. Thanks, CMMC for a great drive, hugging those curves, and dodging branches. The cars looked great all lined up on the country roads. Nice to see eveyone and meet new MINI folks.

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