April Drive (04/05)


WRAPUP:  The predicted bad weather held off, and we were left with a pretty day for a drive (pretty cold and windy day that is)..

About 25 MINIs from the Chicago and Milwaukee areas participated in the scenic drive around Southern Wisconsin back roads.  Unfortunately the Drag strip was closed for the day due to the anticipated bad weather, but we made up a last minute plan B stop at the famous Brat Stop.   It was great that they were able to accommodate a large last minute crowd.  The driving quiz was hotly contested with 5 people getting the same highest score.  The winner was drawn at random from the five, and the  picnic set from Knauz MINI was awarded to Greg.

Huge thanks to Pat for all the planning of the fantastic drive and quiz, and to Knauz MINI for helping us out with the quiz prize!!!

As usual,  please send a link to your photos or video (but not the actual photos) to steve@chicagominiclub.com and I will post them here.  Also feel free to join and share your photos to the Chicago MINI Motoring Club flickr group if you have a Flickr account.

Photos by: Kevin | Steve | Tom | Caren |

Video by: Tom Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Our April Drive will be run on April 5th.  We will be teaming up with the MilwaukeeMinis club for a great drive on some fun back roads in the southern Wisconsin area.  Rally planner Pat has created a driving quiz to keep drivers and passengers on their toes and on the lookout along the route, plus a cool finish at the Great Lakes Dragaway to watch their opening weekend action!!

Here are the details:

Where: Start at Silver Lake County beach [Map Link]
(Enter the park from Silver Lake road, and bear left towards the beach.  Continue left towards the lake and meet in the large parking lot)

Finish at Great Lakes Dragaway

When: Sunday April 5th, departure at 10:00 am

What: A fun drive of about 50 miles, and a driving quiz for sharp eyed navagators (and pilots), ending with a stop-in at Great Lakes Dragaway to watch a bit of opening season racing.  A fabulous prize for the driving quiz has been provided by Knauz MINI!!

What to bring: Your MINI or Mini with at least a 1/2 tank of gas, a camera, your favorite Chicago or Milwaukee MINI gear, optional FRS radio tuned to Channel 1, Subchannel 1, a clipboard and pens for the driving quiz,  earplugs for watching the Drag Racing, and a smile!!

Please add a comment here or on our Meetup site to let us know you are attending.

32 thoughts on “April Drive (04/05)

  1. I am in and looking forward to it!!!

    I will have an early morning b-fast at the Full Moon Restaurant (my usual Sunday morning motorcycle hangout place) and take a not-so-direct route out there.

    If anyone wants to join in, just let me know.

  2. Now for the stupid question is there a way to contact someone if we get lost? I did pick up a FSR and will have it on 1-1 but not sure how far it will get.

  3. is there a way to contact someone if we get lost?

    Yea, we include an emergency contact cell number on the route sheet you will get that morning.

    We usually do try to stay in a group, but sometimes people do miss turns or get split up. We haven’t permanently lost anyone yet 😉

  4. Steve, what time do you plan on leaving the Full Moon?

    Here is the route I was thinking of taking [Map_link]

    Google says it will take about an hour, so I’d like to leave Full Moon by 8:30 to be out there on the early side..

  5. Breakfast at the Full Moon? That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!! Wouldn’t miss it…

  6. I’ll try to meet Steve and the others at the Full Moon. Had coffee there last meet, time to try breakfast. Hope they don’t give me another trick cup that leaks.


  7. is there a plan B if the track is a rain or snow out?

    We’ll be doing the drive in whatever weather there is because MINI drivers are tough 🙂

    If the track is closed and the weather is really horrible, we will probably congregate outside the track to determine the rally quiz prize winner and call it a day (and if people wanted to get together for eats somewhere it would just be spur of the moment).

  8. Love it See you Sunday.
    When we get there look at the little drive way on the other side of the road across from the end of the track there was a garage
    there I took it out back in the early 80 when I hit the end of the track at around 190 and did not stop.

  9. Going to try to make it this weekend. Unfortunately, it will only be for the drive – at this point. My truck and trailer will already be at the track hauling my brothers car to the track. Watch out for the black 79 Trans Am, and the punk kid driving it…. You’ll be suprised at the 1/4 mile times….

  10. hmmm this is a possibility for me! ill try to show up. would be a good way to help put some break in miles on the new clutch.

  11. I plan to attend, looking forward to it! I missed the Spring Drive because I was in New York.

  12. just returned from making sure i knew how to get to silver lake, and returned to illinois with an $83.00 speeding ticket courtesy of the silver lake police department after a fun adventure down road F.

  13. Thanks Everybody!!

    I had a great time, glad the weather held out (although I got hit with the bad stuff in the last couple miles home).

    Wish we could have seen a bit of drag racing, but the Brat Stop was a nice ending,

  14. Thanks to all for a great time, Myself and Katelyn had a great time. I was great to meet so meany very nice people and the good part is they all have MINS/Minis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will be doing this a LOT.
    Pat great roads and trip.
    Steve Thank You for the extra help getting in.

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