Starved Rock 11/22

WRAPUP: The 6th annual Starved Rock drive is in the books, and it was an amazing trip.  The late November weather turned out beautiful, and we wound up with 37 MINIs lining up at the beginning of the drive.  Our first stop was to the Minooka BMW/MINI Distribution Center where we were welcomed with open arms by many of the staff who came in on their day off, as well as the Mayor of Minooka!!  We were treated to donuts, cookies, fruit and drinks and given an overview of what the distribution center was all about.  There was a MINI quiz, with MINI caps awarded to the winners.  We then took a tour of the center to see where things were shipped, stocked, and packed.  It was impressive to see how clean and efficient everything was.  We then lined up our cars for a group photo opp, and were presented with a framed poster signed by all the distribution center employees (and we signed another poster that will be displayed at the center).  Next stop was a quick lunch at the Minooka Culvers where we took over the dining area and parking lot.  We then headed out on some quiet back roads to visit the Windmill farms near Marseilles for a quick photo stop and on to the final leg to Starved Rock State Park.

Huge thanks to Jeff and Broderick from MINIUSA and Robert, Carla and all the staff from the Distribution Center for treating our club so well and arranging such a fantastic visit, and to Gary for help with ideas and planning for the drive route!!

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Photos by: TomSteve, Paul and Kim, Pat and Kathy  | Paul | Kevin and Carolyn | Jerry, Laurel & SarahSue | Kes | Francis |

Video by:  Tom part1 | part2 |

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