Auto Show February 12th

WRAPUP:  We had a big crowd of MINI fans attend from as far away as Madison Wi.   After a nice but chilly group drive on  a pothole riddled Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive, we all congregated and hung out at the MINI exhibit, and then on to the rest of the show.  Huge thanks again to MINIUSA and Knauz MINI for helping our club out with the tickets and making arrangements to get us into the show early!

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The Chicago MINI Motoring Club (CMMC) will be attending the Chicago Auto Show on Saturday February 12th.

MINIUSA has extended a very special offer to our club..  We will have 50 free passes to get into the show an hour before general admission opening time (you will still need to pay for parking).  We will be able to hang out and visit at the MINI exhibit before the show opens. 

The plan is to take a scenic drive down parts of Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive to the show.  Once we are at the show, everyone is on their own for hanging out and checking out acres of cool cars.

Check out the details below for Free tickets for CMMC members + 1 guest..

WHO: The drive is open to CMMC members + 1 guest.  If there are additional spots open closer to the show we may be able to relax this restriction. 

WHEN: Saturday February 12th, 7:45 prompt departure for the group drive.  We need to park and pick up tickets prior to 9am to be admitted to the show. 

WHERE: The Evanston Northwestern parking garage at the far south end of the campus.

The address is approximately 1800 S. Campus Drive (click the address for a map)

There is a small road that leads into Northwestern at the south end of the campus, and the parking garage is less than 1/4 mile in. We will be huddled in our cars shivering on the top level (slightly above ground level).

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are not driving in with the group and still want to attend the show,  you will need to meet us at the show prior to 9am

NOTE:  Add a comment below to let us know if you are attending, how many tickets you would like, and if you are driving in with the group or meeting us at the show. 

HUGE thanks to Broderick and Michelle from MINIUSA for all their efforts putting this together for our club.  This is a very difficult task to arrange and very few car clubs are able to do this!!! 

30 thoughts on “Auto Show February 12th

  1. Just Mailed in Registration for club today, I’m New. Count me in for 2! and I’ll be driving with the Group!

  2. Steve, please put me down for 2 tickets, I wont be able to make the drive. Keep us posted on a place to meet before the show. Thanks

  3. Keep us posted on a place to meet before the show. Thanks

    Yes, I will be sending out an e-mail to everyone in the final week where we should be meeting inside McCormick place for the tickets. I am hoping we will all be able to group together and then get them at one time.
    They have typically wanted us to be in one group for early admission, and getting through security is always fun 😉

  4. Update: 2/4/2011 Only 8 5 tickets remaining at this point.

    If more people are interested than we have tickets for, put your name down anyways and if something opens up we will let you know.

  5. I just got called away will be in Austin bummed about not being able to attend – Have a great ride and Show


  6. I just got called away will be in Austin bummed about not being able to attend – Have a great ride and Show

    Too bad you can’t make it, but hopefully Austin has less snow than we do 😉

    There are still 5 spots available at this point..

  7. Count me in for two. However, I p repurchased tix for auto show so if tix are short I’ll just use the ones I have and we’ll just go for the ride down.

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