Spring Drive March 19th


WRAPUP:  Sunny spring weather made for an excellent drive!!  35 MINIs of all colors and styles met up for the start.  Lots of new and potential members, and lots of old friends.   We headed out for a 40 or so mile drive around the western suburbs on lots of nice twisty back roads.  We parked up at the top of a parking garage for a short photo op, and then went on to enjoy a nice lunch at The Filling Station.

Huge thanks to Paul and Barbara for all the planning for this event!!

Photos by: Francis | Steve | Samantha |


Saturday March 19th will be our annual Spring Drive. 

We will welcome in the new driving season with a fun spin around in the western suburbs.

Here are the details..

UPDATE 03/17/2011:  We have changed the ending destination to an interesting resturaunt in St. Charles called The Filling Station


Where: The Drive start and finish are in the Menards parking lot at 220 W. North Avenue in the town of West Chicago (just west of Rt. 59) [Map Link]   A late lunch is at Augustino’s resturaunt located in the same mall area  The Filling Station in downtown St. Charles

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When: Saturday March 19th.  Departure is at 11am  rain, shine or (hopefully not) snow. 
We are planning on a late lunch afterwards at around 1pm, give or take..

Who: This event is open to all CMMC members and anyone potentially interested in the club.

Why: A chance to get out and drive some fun roads and hang out with MINI friends

What to bring: A camera, at least a half tank of gas, optional FRS radio (tuned to Channel 1, sub channel 1), your favorite MINI clothing (please dress for the weather) and a smile.

IMPORTANT:  Please let us know you are attending by adding a comment below.. we need to plan for the correct number of route sheets as well as giving the resturaunt a heads up that we are coming.

Big thanks to Paul for organizing this one!!

  • Rose

    Ready to motor, I’m in for one.

  • I am in also, probably solo.

    For those not familiar with the area, there is a second Menards a few miles east on North Avenue. It is a bad idea to be sitting waiting for everybody at that one, and don’t ask me how I know this 😉

  • Alex Rydzewski

    I will be there with Jenny, maybe she’ll even have her new MINI for that one.

  • Nat & Jennifer

    We’ll be there.

  • We’ll be there …. hopefully with some topdown weather 🙂

  • Chris Menzimer

    New Mini Cooper S owner. Looking to maybe join a club.

  • Jerry Fikar

    I’ll be there ! Live right around the corner.

  • Daniel C (& BASIL)

    On my calendar!

  • Jeff Goldberg

    Sorry, I can’t make this one. Have a great drive.

  • Paul & Kim

    Planning on it, thanks Steve

  • Alice Hogueisson

    I should be able to make this one with a guest


  • Sue Stout

    Looking forward to an adventure!!

  • Eric T.

    I’ll be there

  • Montine Pauers

    Awesome! Count Mike and I in with Capone the Clubman! 🙂 Looking forward to it! Thanks Steve!

  • All the thanks go to Paul, not me..

  • pat & Kathy

    count us in for 2. looking forward to another great adventure!!

  • Count Me In!! Not sure which one I’ll bring, but will be having a blast either way!!!

  • Jennifer

    Hi, New Mini Cooper Countryman owner, looking to join a Mini club, please count myself IN! My fiance might join as well, but currently RSVP’ing for 1.

  • Hi, New Mini Cooper Countryman owner, looking to join a Mini club

    Very cool!! You’ll be our first Countryman person on a club drive..

  • Jeff P

    My wife and I are planning on this – RVSP =2

  • Cherissa Loire

    Totally gonna be there!!! rsvp for 2

  • Gary and Keli W.

    Count us in. We look forward to meeting the group.

  • Seth

    Just got a 2006 MCS, and been looking for a club should be able to make this. Hope it’s not a problem I’ll be making the trip from Rockford.

  • Hope it’s not a problem I’ll be making the trip from Rockford

    New people are always welcome. Glad you will be able to make it!!

  • samantha R

    im in!

  • I hope to make this one….FINALLY! Not sure if I’ll have a co-pilot or not.

  • Greg

    New Mini Cooper S owner. RSVP for 1.

  • Cesar

    Count me in also Live down the street, any ideas for the route?


    Guess I didn’t RSVP here, just on FB, but I will be there!

  • Guess I didn’t RSVP here, just on FB

    I saw you on FB and counted you in already 😉

  • Cathy

    Gary, Lily and I will be there

  • Mike

    My wife and I bought a Mini 3 days ago. We will try and check out your event. Sounds fun. Non-members are OK to attend??

  • TJ Flodin

    I am planning on being there

  • Non-members are OK to attend??

    Absolutely, and congrats on the new MINI!!

    I’ll be the guy in the freshly washed Red/White Cooper with offset stripes.. See you there

  • Bob Barrell

    M.I.N.I. member hoping I can tag along.

  • Chuck

    Alex & I are in. We love the Filling Station and live only 10 minutes away!

  • Kelly

    Hope its not too late to let you know that I’ll be there! 🙂

  • Paul & Kim
  • This link works

    Thanks Paul!! It is corrected now.

    Hope its not too late to let you know that I’ll be there!

    We’ll see you tomorrow

  • Mark Wittstock


  • Daniel C (& BASIL)

    Great time and great route! — thanks, Paul

  • I had a fantastic time also!! Great to see so many new folks out for the drive. Wish I had time to talk and visit with more people. Fun route from Paul and Barbara.

  • samantha R

    photos from today uploaded to flickr group account. had a great time! thanks guys!

  • Jerry Fikar

    Great time. Thanks to Paul and Barbara for a nice route without much to work with. Nice to see a good turn out. Steve name badges a great idea.