Garage and Graphics day interest?

UPDATE: 09/05/2012:? It is time to get all the work locked in and planned..

Please contact Chad at Garage work, or Todd at for Graphics to make sure the work you’d like done can be scheduled.

?The location?is not locked down yet, but will be?in the near north suburbs.

We have a chance to get a couple White Roof Radio?personalities in town for a combined Garage Day and Graphics install day.

We are checking to see if there is enough interest to make this event happen..

WHAT:? Chad Miller from Detroit Tuned would be doing the Garage day work..? Chad is a long time MINI owner and Specialist and performs the Ask Chad technical duties on White Roof Radio..??

Todd Pearson,?co-founder of the ?White Roof Radio weekly podcasts and owner of ToddsMods and Motoringbadges??has done thousands of MINI graphics installs over the years, as well as the printing of our CMMC club stickers and magnetic badges for the past 6 or 7 years.

If you are interested in some work or have questions, add a comment and we will get an answer for you..?

WHEN: We are targeting the last weekend in September.. the 29th and 30th

WHERE:??Not sure yet.. We have a few possibilities, but nothing locked in yet.

WHO:? Any interested MINI owner looking for some garage or graphics work.. You also will be able to come to watch the work in action.

Add a comment if you are interested, and if we can get enough people we will post up the firm plans.


    Yes, I asked Todd before MTTS about side scuttles for my JCW coupe!

  • T Smith

    I’m interested in Graphics…I have a design for the ‘A’ Panels and need some work/replacement of the bonnet stripes.

    • T Smith

      …before the end of October…MITO drive. 🙂

  • DanielC

    Todd has already done my side-scuttles, gascap, headlight-rings and taillight-rings … nothing left!

    • Detroit Tuned

      There is always something more!

  • DanielC

    — I AM up for Chad’s “DT turbo oil line kit” if there’s a chance of getting that done

    • Detroit Tuned

      We can do that also, it will take a good 5 hours to get it all done, but we can. jut have to book cars correctly.

  • Eric T.

    I think I would like to have a larger rear sway bar installed.

    • Detroit Tuned

      We can do that! give us a call and we can tell you the best bar for how your drive. 586.792.6464


    We are looking to put a 19″ sway bar on our Justa. Would we have to use the one from Detroit Tuned? We are looking at Ireland Engineering’s sway bar so all we need is the install.

    • Detroit Tuned

      we can get you anyone you want, but there are reasons we recommend some parts over other. i would highly recommend a call to us to talk over options. but we always like to be able to sell you the parts. it costs us a lot of money to travel and do installs and this helps the bottom line.

  • Paul

    Interested in graphics work

  • ChicagoRus

    I’m interested in graphics work for my roadster

  • N2fw

    Has there been any decision on this? I’d be interested in some cosmetic work for my R60… stripes, mud flap install

    • CMMC_Steve

      Still working on final confirmation and location, but we are planning on the event. We will update this as soon as we can.

  • Sharon Sprague

    I’m interested in graphics work and in watching. 🙂

  • N2fw

    Anyone get a response back from Todd?

  • Don

    I’ve got an absolutely stock 2005 MINI Cooper S and, over the past two years, I’ve developed a keen interest in auto crossing. I’d like to get some advice about what I might do over the winter to allow the car to make up for the profound deficiencies of the driver.

    Can you help with some suggestions?

    • Detroit Tuned

      Don. Feel free to visit us at the MOD party or call the shop and we can help you figure things out.

  • Detroit Tuned

    Sunday is almost booked Full. Time slots are available on Saturday still. Just let us know your needs. You can call TJ in our office at 586-792-6464 to get things set up. We can do Most things on the road that we do in the shop. Most.

    • N2fw

      Are you guys still doing graphics installs?

      • CMMC_Steve

        Heard back from Todd this afternoon that there are not enough installs for him to come out, but he could ship the materials and have Chad do the installs.

        Have you send an e-mail out to Todd?

        • N2fw

          Steve thanks for the reply, I sent an email asking for pricing off your email on the 5th. I’ll try reaching out again