Coding event June 2nd


WRAPUP: We had almost 20 MINIs show up on a cold drizzly day.. Ram enabled many options.. several people came back for additional choices after seeing how cool they looked and worked on other cars.  A BBQ lunch followed, and a fun time was had by all.  Huge thanks to Ram from for driving out from Madison and working all day setting options, and to Paul for organizing this event and doing all the cooking!!

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Photos by: Steve |

UPDATE 05/14/2013  Location details have been sent out to all who have commented here thru today.  If you did not get the details, or would like to get in on the action, send an e-mail to

Reposting with info from the prior post to make sure we get everyone who is able to make this event. Please add a comment on this post if you are interested.

Ram from will be in town to program options to change some settings in our Gen1 or Gen2 MINI.

WHEN:  Sunday June 2nd, 9am till when we are done.

WHAT: Ram has a list of BMW and MINI codes on his website (and also on NAM for 2nd generation and 1st generation MINIs). Some popular options include:

  • Turn off bulb checks (for those that want to use LED lights without resistors)
  • Removal of navigation disclaimer
  • Side mirrors auto folding on lock and unlock (BMW only)
  • Auto closing of sunroof when rain is detected
  • Enabling rear fogs

Not all codes work on all MINIs and several factors including your MINIs build date, factory options and other variables determine compatibility.

If you’re interested please reply to this post the following:

  • Your MINI/BMW year (build date if you know)
  • Your MINI/BMW model
  • What coding option(s) are you interested in?

Pricing for codes will be $10/option or $50 per car if you want more than 5 options coded.

WHERE: Skokie area. Specific address details will be e-mailed in the final 2 weeks prior to the event.

QUESTIONS: Add a comment with your questions or send an e-mail to Ram at

Add a comment to let us know you are interesdted in attending. Come on out to get codes changed on your MINI or just to hang out and watch.

We are planning on doing up a little casual grilling for lunch.

  • Nat

    I’m interested in rear fogs, remote closing windows, power windows after ignition deactivation, opening doors will not interrupt window roll up, disable nav warning, sunroof auto open/close & removing the connected legal disclaimer for my ’12 S.

  • Pete_Novack

    will be there

  • Eric T.

    I am planning to attend.

  • Scott Dueball

    I will be there

  • Lee E.

    Still looking forward to attending 02 June

  • bradn

    06 R53 JCW
    -auto sunroof close on rain detect
    -window close from remote
    -rename the ULF module

  • I will be there!

  • Shawn

    Do we need to re-post here if we already posted in the other thread?

    • CMMC_Steve

      Hey Shawn.. I started a new post to make sure we have everyone who is both interested and able to make this date to help make it easier for Ram to know who will be here and what people would like done..

      We can reference your details from the prior post

      • Shawn

        Thanks Steve, I look forward to becoming a club member at this event.

  • Chris Hollister

    2010 r56 s
    -remote closing windows
    -disable speed overestimation
    -disable nav system disclaimer
    -key chime reminder
    -sunroof one touch
    -disable seat belt chime

  • Enrique

    2012 R60 build Feb 2012 interested in:
    1.Closing windows with lock on keyFob
    2.Opening door does not stop window roll up
    3. Sunroof one-touch vent Open/close
    4. Rain sensor close sunroof
    5.Disable over estimated speed reading
    6.Disable Key Gong/Door open reminder

  • Wow.. This is amazing..
    ’12 R59 S
    Coding rear fogs would be great.

    • CMMC_Steve

      Can you e-mail me with your contact details (name/e-mail) so I can get you added in and send the location details later this week..

  • I noticed a few people are asking for auto sport enabled – it’s a feature that can not be coded. On 2nd gen MINIs you need to buy an Auto Sport plus add-on circuit. Also there is no way to currently make this work on any Countryman – checkout this link –

  • BrutusG

    I’m interested! I have an ’07 MCS and am interested in the following:

    – Close Windows & Sunroof w/ Lock on Keyfob
    – Unlock Doors When Key Is Removed
    – Opening Door Does Not Stop Window Roll-Up (60 Seconds)
    – Sunroof One-Touch Vent/Open/Close
    – Disable Over-Estimated Speed Reading
    – Lock Speed To Center Tach Display
    – Windows DO NOT Stop Rolling Up When Door Opened
    – Double-Blink / Fast Blink on Hazard Flashers

    Welcome Lights Activated on when car unlocked for
    – Front Low Beams

  • Jay Williams

    I’m interested. I have a 2009 JCW Hatchback

    – Sunroof one-touch vent Open/close
    – Close Windows & Sunroof w/ Lock on Keyfob

  • Chris

    I’m in. Been emailing Ram about items I want done. Will be there in afternoon.

  • Tamara

    What a fun day! I love all new features especially the emergency lights! Thanks for organizing.

  • Shawn

    I love the changes. Thanks Ram.

    I had him change the speed to show the correct speed, and show the speed on the tach at all times. Did anyone else get these codes? The speed on the tach is corrected, but the center display is still fast. Is that not changeable, is that a different code, or is that just how it is?


    • Ram

      The coding allows us to correct the digital speed not the analog one.