Starved Rock November 3rd


WRAPUP:  A beautiful fall day drew 40 MINIs and a Morgan on a great drive along some fun back roads..  A bunch of new members and first-timers came along as well as a bunch of club regulars.    Unfortunately the good weather brought out too big a crowd at Starved Rock State Park, so there was only limited parking ability..  Many people headed out to a fantastic lunch at MJ’s Pub and Grill in nearby Oglesby.  Special thanks to Rus for planning, pre-driving and leading the drive route and to Chris for coordinating all the food arrangements!!

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Photos by: Steve, Allie,  Enrique and Carrie | Kenny |

It’s fall, so time again for our annual trip out to Starved Rock State park..  This drive has been a club favorite since 2004!


This year after stopping off at the park we will be taking an optional side trip to MJ’s Pub and Grill in Oglesby for a late lunch for anyone who is interested.

WHAT: A MINI drive exploring a bunch of fun roads out to Starved Rock State park.  After we arrive,  people can hang out, visit, explore the park on your own or take a trip out to Oglesby to MJ’s Pub and Grill for a late lunch (more details updated soon)…


WHERE: Start is at the BassPro parking lot in the Promenade Bolingbrook Mall   631 East Boughton Road,Bolingbrook, IL 60440

WHEN: Departure is at 10:00, rain or shine   Remember this is the first day of Daylight Savings Time!!


WHO: All Chicago MINI Motoring Club members or anyone interested in the club.


WHAT TO BRING: This is typically one of our clubs longer drives, so plan accordingly..  A full tank of gas, appropriate clothing for the weather outside, a camera, lunch money, optional FRS radio for in-car communication? tuned to Channel#1 SubChannel #1, and a smile.  Be prepared for a couple of tolls at the start of the drive..


WHY: Because it is fun!!


IMPORTANT:   Let us know you will be attending..  If you are interested in heading out for our lunch stop after we get to the park, please add a comment and let us know..  We need an accurate headcount for planning.


  • TSmith

    Jim, Tracy, Captain & Chloe will be there.

    • T Smith

      Lunch too! 🙂

  • Craig Nuccio

    Beth and I will be there.

    • Craig nuccio

      For lunch also

  • Augie Imburgia

    Amy and I are going to the drive and the lunch

  • Alex Rydzewski

    Jenny and I will be there

  • ChicagoRus

    Tawana and I can’t wait.

  • Nat

    We’ll be there for the drive and lunch.

    • Chris

      Drive out to Bolingbrook together? Maybe grab breakfast somewhere first?

  • Thomas grinton

    Definitely maybe.

  • Lee

    We four (Lee, Phyl, Eric and Allie) will come on the drive, but we have another commitment later in the afternoon, so we will not be able to stay for the lunch =(. Still, looking forward to the drive!


    Count us in and lunch too.

  • Ben

    Kathy and I will Drive/Lunch

  • Arnie Press

    Lena and I are in for both, w/ a ? mark ;~/

  • CMMC_Steve

    Always look forward to the Starved Rock trip.. I’ll be doing lunch also

  • Bob & Shana

    Shana and I will be there and we will do lunch as well. We look forward to another adventure!

  • Dan

    Shawn and I will be coming for the drive

  • Enrique

    Carrie and I will be attending the drive.

  • Chris

    I’ll be there and lunch also.

  • Phil

    Pam and Phil will be there

  • RoadWarrior


    • RoadWarrior

      Looks good for the Mosquito attending …

  • Marion

    Just joined and this sounds like a fun trip! Count me in for drive and lunch.

  • Pete_Novack

    we should be there and lunch also

  • Green Wheel Speed Racer

    I’ll be there for the drive.. Unfortunately no lunch.

  • Adam

    I’m in plus one for the drive and lunch.

  • Chris

    I will be there with Susan in tow. So please put me down for 2.

  • Michael Kelley

    Count me in for two, lunch included!

  • David Lewis

    Count Jen and I in for the drive and for lunch!

  • Alice Hogueisson

    Yes I will attend the drive – Alice H

  • crazycarl

    Hi all! We’re not members, (we live closer to Starve Rock than Bass Pro) We’ve owned our Mini just over a year now and love it. We’ll be making the 1 hour drive to Bass Pro to cruise with all the Minis. Carl and Joan. 2009 Clubman S. (british racing green) We’ll be having lunch also.

    • CMMC_Steve

      Looking forward to meeting you.. Sounds like you’ll have a shorter drive home than many of us 😉

  • Augie Groves

    Susan and I will be there and stay for lunch.

  • Craig Williams

    Cecilia and I will see you all at Bolingbrook; and staying for lunch…

  • Lorilou

    Dave and I will be there & lunch! One of my favorite club events!!!!!

    • Lorilou

      We will not be able to get away from the farm 🙁
      So we will not be able to go….have some MINI FUN for us!!!!

  • Bob Barrell

    Joy and I are planning to attend, and do lunch!

  • Terry Jeglum

    Nancy and I will be there also and for lunch

  • Tamara/HatGrl1

    I plan to do the drive and lunch. My nephew Asconio and his friend Cole may join if they can rally in the morning.

  • Bob Barrell

    Sadly, I received a letter today from MINI telling me that there is a problem with the chain tensioner that controls my timing chain. I regret that Joy and I will not be making the drive. Sorry!

  • YSR50

    We’ll be there. Still not sure about lunch.

  • Gregg Stephenson

    New owners as of this summer. Did our first rally this summer (Mini on the Mack) Looking forward to meeting members of the club and joining. Count on 2 of us for lunch

  • Gregg Stephenson

    Which part of the parking lot at the Bass Pro is everyone meeting

    • CMMC_Steve

      Hey Gregg.. not sure what part of the lot, but there are over 40 RSVPs, so we shouldn’t be too hard to find.

      • Gregg Stephenson

        See you there

  • Pete_Novack

    Are we going straight to lunch or will we have time walk around after we arrive?

  • CMMC_Francis

    If anyone is interested in a pre-event caravan, meetup at the Starbucks in Streets of Woodfield. We will be heading out by 9am.

  • gary

    see ya at bass pro

  • Reese Loire

    See everyone there and for lunch +1

  • Julie Duffy

    This will be my first event and I am looking forward to meeting everyone. I will be bring my husband Sam and I am not sure about the lunch

  • ChicagoRus

    Killer time – thanks to everyone!

  • RoadWarrior

    Thanks Russ ! Anyone with photos of the Morgan playing with the MINI’S please forward to:

  • CMMC_Steve

    Thanks Everyone!! had a fantastic time yesterday..

  • MJ’s

    What a great group of people. Thanks for making MJ’s a part of your Starved Rock adventure. It was our team’s pleasure to spend the afternoon with all of you. Hope to see you in 2014.
    Jackie & Mike

    • CMMC_Steve

      And a big thumbs up to MJ’s!! We were a big crowd and you guys did a great job taking care of us. Food was terrific.

  • jovan

    new guy here in the 06 Space blue MCS JCW checkmate this was my first event and my wife and I had a great time MJs was awesome and everyone we met was great I look forward to future events and becoming a member of the CMMC.

  • Terry Jeglum

    What a great event. Well planned. Fun was had by all. I heard a comment on why one of the members took the corner so fast and the response was BECAUSE I COULD! Special Thanks to Steve, Russ and all who set this up.
    The Burgers were well worth the wait Thanks to All.