Beller Museum tour 03/29


We will be taking an exclusive visit to the BellerMuseum  in Romeoville, Ill on Sunday March 29th.

This is a Museum primarily of older Ford vehicles from the 1920’s thru 1930’s

WRAPUP:  We had a nice group despite the cold and later rainy weather..  The museum was an amazing collection of autos and trucks in various states from showroom perfect to drivable authentic restorations, to waiting to be restored..  Lots of very rare machines and many from similar vintages to compare and contrast the model detail changes from year to year.

Huge thanks to Jordon and Corinne for opening up and sharing this amazing collection, plus the stories behind the vehicles!!

sends links of photos to  and I will link them here

Photos by: Steve |


WHAT: The Beller Museum, to view a cool collection of old Fords and auto memorabilia.

WHEN: Sunday March 29th.  9:30 departure

WHY: Just for fun

WHERE: Depart  the parking lot behind the  Dunkin Donuts at 245 S. Bollingbrook Dr in Bollingbrook at 9:30 for a short drive to the Museum so we can arrive as a group.


End destination is 275 Rocbaar Dr, Romeoville, IL 60446



RSVP: Please add a comment to this post so we can get a count of how many people will be attending.



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