Spring Drive – April 12th

Our annual Spring drive will be on Sunday April 12th.

WRAPUP:  A beautiful spring day brought out over 55 MINIs looking for some fun back-roads to explore.  A good sized crowd met at Full Moon and generated a bunch of interest from the motorcyclists hanging out there.. We took a short cruise up Greenbay  Road and met up with a bunch more MINIs from the Milwaukee MINIs and other area clubs at Jelly Belly in Kenosha.  We then headed out for a fun backroads cruise out to the Culvers in Elkhorn Wisconsin.  A very fun way to open up the driving season.

Big thanks to Augie, Chris + Allison, Rich, and Sue for pre-driving the route, and to Cathy + Gary for keeping me heading in the right direction during the drive 😉


Send links to photos to steve@chicagominiclub.com and I will link them in here..

Photos by: Steve and the Emroll Family |

Plans are still finalizing, but we do have some additional details below:



WHAT: A fun multi-club get-together to celebrate the beginning of the MINI driving season

WHEN: Sunday April 12th

WHERE: We will have a Chicagoland and Milwaukee area start and join up for a common meeting area at Jelly Belly in Kenosha Wi.  From there we will take some fun driving roads for a 50 mile jaunt to Culvers in Elkhorn WI for a late lunch

Chicagoland Start:  Parking lot of Full Moon Restaurant on Rt. 41 just south of Rt 137.  Depart 9:15 for a casual drive up Green Bay Road to Jelly Belly. NOTE: Sunday mornings are Motorcycle gathering day at Full Moon, so leave space at the back area on the south side for bikes..

Milwaukee Start: Still in Planning

Kenosha meetup:  Jelly Belly 10100 Jelly Belly Ln, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158  Meet around 10am depart at 11am

Final destination: Culvers 1000 North Wisconsin Street, Elkhorn, WI 53121

WHY: Just for fun

WHO: Members of Milwaukee MINIs, Chicago MINI Motoring Club, M.I.N.I. and other area clubs.

Please add a comment below to help us plan the correct amount of route sheets


60 thoughts on “Spring Drive – April 12th

  1. Lee, Phyllis, Eric & Allie will be coming, possibly with a potential new “recruit” for the club. Also, is anyone interested in a pre- preride from the western suburbs to the CMMC start? We’re starting from Naperville, willing to meet anywhere along the way to the CMMC start.

    • I’ll be leaving from Carol Stream that morning. Definitely interested in a road trip to the road trip!

    • Rich, Pete, looking at a map, I propose meeting at the Lisle Hyatt on the SW corner of Rt. 53 and Warrenville Rd. It’s kind of back tracking for you, Rich, but looks kinda sorta between the three of us. Also fast access to I-88. Please reply if you agree or prefer an alternative. We’ll figure ETA when we know where/when CMMC is meeting.

      Anyone else in the area wanting to join our pre- preride ride, please reply.

      • I don’t mind the slight backtrack to meet up. The gf lives very close to that intersection. Note: she won’t be coming with.. tells me I get her car sick:) Let me know what time you think we need to meet up to get up there by 9ish. My guess is we will be meeting about 7:45ish..

      • WE would do a road trip to a road trip.
        Nancy and I can meet at the Lisle Hyatt. We will be coming from St. Charles. What time?

      • Ms Nanc and I will make it.
        We are about 35 minutes from Lisle and from there about 45 minutes to the Full Moon Restaurant We can meet at 7:45 -8:15 and leave around 8:15 get us to the restaurant around 9:00am. We will be in time for the 9:15 run to Jelly Belly.**** Ya!! *** Lets have a mini road trip to a road trip. Radio set for 1.1

    • Chicagoland start will be at Full Moon Restaurant.. Rt 41 south of Rt 137. Departure at 9:15. We are just going to go straight up Green Bay Road, so your choice to meet us there or leave a little later and head straight to Jelly Belly.

  2. For Pete, Rich, Terry & Ms. Nanc, ChicagoRus and anyone else who’d like to join the Western Suburbs contingent for a pre- preride ride:

    Terry’s timetable sounds like a plan. I agree the time from Lisle to Waukegan maps to ~45 minutes, so we’ll leave the Lisle Hyatt no later than 8:15, which should be plenty of time to get to Full Moon by the 9:15 meeting time there. Only drawback, there’s nothing else near the Hyatt (Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, etc.) Will try for something better next time.

    • We are going to join in with you guys in Lisle, + another MINI is going to meet up with us too, Paul. See you guys there!

    • I won’t be able to make it to lisle with you guys, but I’ll see everyone at full moon. And Paul broke his car last night so unless he stole some parts off a mini in the middle of the night, he won’t be there either.

  3. I apologize if this is a re-post, but I cannot find my original. Joe and I will be there, as well as my cousin, who wants to join us. He just purchased a new Mustang, and is itching to get it out on a fun run, you all are a pretty inclusive group, so I invited him to come along. so we’ll be three people, and two cars.

    • Wouldn’t be a proper Spring Drive without you guys!!
      Saw you were coming from somewhere else.. Fine on your Mustang driving cousin if they can keep up with us (kidding)..

  4. Well, It’s about time to get in on some of this Fun. We will meet you guys at Full Moon. Sherri & Scott

  5. Stumby1 and Stumby2 (John and Jen) will be there! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  6. gary and cathy are going to try to make the meet up at blue moon, if we are not there by 915 dont wait for us, we will meet you at jelly belly

  7. We will be joining up around noon. We live in the Lyons/Lake Geneva area. Any idea where you’ll be at noon?

  8. We had a great time on the spring Drive today. Thank you all for making my cousin, Randy feel so welcome in his orange Mustang, he was very impressed with the MINIACS, the MINIS, and the great route!

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