Crystal Lake Cruise Night – Back on – May 19th

I have heard new information that the Crystal Lake British Car Cruise night is back (or still) on!!

Here is the information I currently have:

American English will hold a free rooftop concert on Thursday, May 19, from about 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Parking will be at Home State Bank 40 Grant Street. You will be able to pull out lawn chairs, and listen to the music.

UPDATE: 5/6/2005

The Minis In Northern Illinois Club has invited us to meet up with them at Historic Race Cars 915 Pingree Road Suite C in Crystal Lake at 5:15 to 5:30 to caravan in as a group

Historic Beatles Final Rooftop Concert at Raue Center for the Arts

One of the greatest spontaneous moments in rock music history will be re-created from the rooftop of Raue Center for the Arts on May 19th in Crystal Lake, IL. The Beatles final public appearance, indelibly stamped into the minds of rock music fans, first occurred from the rooftop of Apple Records studios in London in 1969. The re-creation will be authentically performed by American English, the best Beatles show of our time.
Even the atmosphere will get a historical makeover as British-made classic cars will cast their historic ambiance on the event. Downtown Crystal Lake/Main Street has obtained the cooperation of various British car clubs to populate the streets and parking lots surrounding the event. This is a perfect fit for the historic downtown of Crystal Lake. Just like a mop top hair cut, every hair on the head of this Beatles moment will hang in the perfect place as the music, the instrument and the costumes give you that ?I?m really there? moment.
The public can start their psychedelic flashback at 6:00 PM by previewing all of the classic cars on display. The first Fab Four guitar chord will launch from elevated amplifiers from the theatre?s rear rooftop at 7:00 PM. Raue Center for the Arts is located at 26 N. Williams St in Crystal Lake, IL. The event is free and is supported by the generous sponsorship of Gary Lang Auto Group. The event is organized by Downtown Crystal Lake/Main Street and Raue Center for the Arts. For information you can call 815-356-9212.
American English will also energize the weekend by performing two shows at the Raue Center For The Arts on Friday, May 20th at 7:30 PM and Saturday, May 21st at 7:30PM. Tickets are priced at $31 and $26 and can be purchased by the calling the Raue Center Box Office at 815-356-9212.

Sounds like a great time.. Please post here if you will be able to make it so the event organizers can have an idea how many British Cars will be showing up

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    My plans have changed, and I now won't be able to make it 🙁

  • Adam

    I'll be there!!

  • Morris Dami

    I'm planning on being there too

  • jon

    Planning on being there unless something comes up at work to throw a monkey wrench into leaving early!

  • Marco


  • John – The new guy

    Excellent, I will be there. Save a parking spot for Maise!

  • I think I will join you for this. Cool.

  • John – The new guy

    I will join the caravan from HRC!

  • jason

    gfood to hear this is going on agian. i will be there for sure. so pleae save a spot for me.

  • jason

    gfood to hear this is going on agian. i will be there for sure. so pleae save a spot for me.

  • jason

    gfood to hear this is going on agian. i will be there for sure. so pleae save a spot for me.

  • jason

    sorry can't spell today. good to hear this is going on agian. i will be there for sure. so please save a spot for me.

  • Tim

    Not a member but I will be there.

  • Jeff Walter

    Looking forward to it! We're hopign to be up there in time to meet at Historic Race Cars, but we're coming from Naperville (after work!).

    So if you guys don't see a IB/W MCS at the meeting spot, can someone try to save room at the Home State Bank lot for us? Not a big deal if you can't.

    Thanks! Look forward to seeing people there.

    Jeff Walter

  • Jim

    Job's gone as of today, so I'm in! I will plan on meeting at HRC for the caravan!


    02 DS/W MCS fresh off a day at Blackhawk yesterday!

  • john

    weather doesn't look too good. I'm going to bag this one. know, party pooper…

  • Jeff Walter

    It was a fairly small turn out (I think I counted 6 MINIs and 4 Minis), due to the weather.

    My wife and I were running late and just missed the heavy hail storm. I didn't see any damaged cars though, so I'm hoping everyone else missed it as well.

    The band was great, and ended up playing a shortened set to a crowd of about 125 people or so through the roll-up cargo doors at the back of the stage. The crowd stuck around for the 30 minute show, despite pretty constant rain.

    I was a little disappointed we couldn't spend more time walking around looking cars (people jumped in and took off immediately after the show since it was still raining). I saw some very nice Mk1's, MGA's, and even a very nicely restored MGTD (looked like a '53 or so).

    Anyway, hope those that attended had as much fun as I did.

  • Steve Rosenblum (Club Vice President)

    Thanks for the write-up Jeff!! Hope to see you at the Baseball Rally on the 5th