Auto Show Feb 11th

WRAPUP: We had about 18 MINIs participate on a cold early morning drive dow Sheridan Road and lake Shore drive..? Coupes, Countryman, Clubman, Convertibles, 1st Gen, 2nd gen,?JCWs,?Cooper S and Coopers.. We had em all.? We met up with a few additional people at the show, and got in nice and early to get an up close and personal look at the MINI exhibit, and sample the new roadster in person.? Huge thanks again for Bill Jacobs MINI and Knauz MINI for helping us out with the tickets, and to MINIUSA who were able to get us into the show early for a great day!!

Photos by: Steve


Once again the Chicago MINI Motoring Club has been able to secure early entry to the Chicago Auto Show!!

Come on out and check out one of the largest shows in the world.? Thanks to our good friends at MINIUSA we will be able to get into the show an hour early to spend some quality time visiting and checking out the MINI exhibit.

Our good friends at Bill Jacobs MINI and ?Knauz MINI has provided our club members?50 tickets to attend the show.?

UPDATE 02/09/2012: Great news!!? We are in the show early, and we now have tickets for everyone who has responded on this thread (and the couple that have sent e-mails earlier)!!!???We will send out an e-mail?later tonight?to all who have commented here with emergency contact phone number and last minute details.?

Here are the details..

The plan is to take a scenic drive down parts of Sheridan Road and Lake Shore Drive to the Chicago Auto Show..? We will be allowed in an hour early at 9:00?as a group to hang out at the MINI exhibit.? After that, everyone is on their own to check out the rest of the show at the general admission opening time.

WHO: The drive down to the show?is open to anyone.? We are hoping to acquire some free tickets into the show which will be available to CMMC members + 1 guest.? If we have additional tickets we hope to be able to relax those restrictions to allow additional guests and non-members.? You will still need to pay for parking at McCormick Place parking lot A

WHEN: Saturday February 11th?? We will leave for the group drive to the show at 7:45 PROMPT.. ??If you would like to meet us at the show, we will congregate in the lower?lobby area, however you must meet up with us before 9am.. Once we are in, we will not be able to get out to meet you!!

WHERE:? We will meet at the top of the Northwestern University Parking Garage, off of Sheridan road at the south end of the campus.

The address is approximately 1800 S. Campus Drive (click the address for a map)

There is a small road that leads into Northwestern at the south end of the campus, and the parking garage is less than 1/4 mile in. We will be huddled in our cars shivering on the top level (slightly above ground level).

NOTE:? Add a comment below to let us know you are attending, how many tickets you would like, and if you are meeting us at the show or driving in with the group.

Huge thanks once again to Michelle and Broderick at MINIUSA for once again pulling off the difficult feat of getting our club into the show early!!!

  • CMMC_Steve

    I’m in for the drive, maybe a +1

  • We’ll meet at the show. 2 tickets please.

  • Nucfam

    We be there for the drive and show, two tickects please

  • Eric Toller

    I will be there

  • We’ll be there

  • Paul

    Steve, I’ll be there too +1

    • Anonymous

      And I’ve got a great looking name badge waiting?for you..

      • Paul

        Steve, Work is taking me out of town this weekend, ?so there’s two someone else can use.

  • Eric Toller

    I would like to request a plus one

  • Novack24

    Will meet at show, 2 tickets please

    • Anonymous

      this is Pete Novack

    • Pete_Novack

      I will be attending the drive now

  • lion of Irbil (John M)

    I am in +1. I will let you know about the meet.

  • Gtshnzr

    National ACT testing date.? UGH.? Will probably have to miss it.?

  • Cherissa

    me + 1

  • Alex Rydzewski

    Myself and 1 guest, I will most likely be meeting at the show.

  • Anonymous

    Jim Gilmour and I would like tickets (2 total). ?See you Feb 11.

  • Rfyke70

    Roger Fyke will be there one plus guest please.

  • Kderleo

    I’m in for the drive and show plus one guest. Diane

  • Jim Cowen

    Steve, I am in for myself and Kacey.
    Jim C.

  • Tracy S.

    Jim & I would like to attend – (2) tix plz.
    Tracy S.

  • Anonymous

    NOTE..? At this point, all the tickets I’ve gotten have been spoken for.

    I am still hoping to get a few more, so if you are interested please add your name by posting a comment and hopefully we can get you in..

    • Robert Dirks

      ?Steve —

      I could use to tickets. Look forward to enjoying the drive.


    • Robert Dirks

      ?I mean TWO tickets!

  • Carrie L.

    Hi Steve, I’d be interested in joining drive/show if anything opens up, thanks!

  • Hi Steve, Diallo and I are interested–if there are any tickets left. Thanks!

  • Whoops–never-mind–I just saw your comment. Waitlist us or whatever. Thx!

    • Anonymous

      I will put you on the list..? At this point I only have 26 tickets, but hoping to get more.

      MINIUSA may have some free and discounted non-weekend tickets available for our club members if people are interested in attending during the week on their own..? I will have a post up soon to see if people are interested.?

  • Kimkilibarda

    I’d love to join for the drive, but cant stay for the show. That possible?

    • CMMC_Steve

      Hey Kim.. Yes.. it would be great to have you along for the drive!!


    Steve, if you get more tix I’d like one.? Didn’t realize the overwhelming response here!


  • Lion of Irbil (John M)

    I will be attending the drive as well.

  • Chris Menzimer

    Wish I could make it but have to work. Going to go on monday. Everybody have a safe drive and a good time.

  • CMMC_Steve

    We have a few more tickets, so there is room for a couple more besides all who have replied so far..

  • Arnie


  • CMMC_Steve

    Thanks everyone.. I had a great time!!