Indoor Kart Racing 1/26

January is indoor kart racing time at the Chicago MINI Motoring Club. Come on out for some high speed racing action on a fun track!!

WRAPUP: Cold weather kept a few people away, but the racing was hot!!  We had a dozen CMMC members and friends partake in our annual event, and the racing was very close.  “Fast Guy”  for the day was Martin by a very slim margin, and “Fast Gal” was Kate.   Special thanks to “Scoring Babe” Carrie, and best Birthday Wishes to Jim!!

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Photos and video by: Steve |



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Holiday Party December 8th

WRAPUP:  Cold and snowy weather didn’t keep people away from this year’s party.  Great company, great food made for a wonderful get-together.  Huge thanks to Taylor for hosting this event!!

Photos by: Steve

Our annual Club holiday party will be on Sunday December 8th, and will again be hosted at club member Taylor’s  house in Deerfield.

This is a great chance to kick back and visit with MINI friends in a nice casual setting.

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We are back!!

CMMC is back..

Our hosting website had some computer denial of service attacks and changed our addresses to help protect us better going forward.

Took a few days for us to get what we needed  re-configured.  Sorry about the delay.

Thanks to Nathan from Motoring Alliance and Paul for getting everything squared away.

Starved Rock November 3rd


WRAPUP:  A beautiful fall day drew 40 MINIs and a Morgan on a great drive along some fun back roads..  A bunch of new members and first-timers came along as well as a bunch of club regulars.    Unfortunately the good weather brought out too big a crowd at Starved Rock State Park, so there was only limited parking ability..  Many people headed out to a fantastic lunch at MJ’s Pub and Grill in nearby Oglesby.  Special thanks to Rus for planning, pre-driving and leading the drive route and to Chris for coordinating all the food arrangements!!

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Photos by: Steve, Allie,  Enrique and Carrie | Kenny |

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Raceway Woods October 13th

Raceway Woods

Raceway Woods used to be the home of Meadowdale Raceway in the 1950s and 60s.  It was later converted to a Forest preserves.  Parts of the old racetrack track can still be seen and explored while hiking in the area.

This is a great time to enjoy a short MINI drive, an historic and scenic spot, hang out with MINI friends, and have a casual cookout.

WRAPUP:   Great weather, fun drive, good eats, and hanging out with MINI friends.. what could be better?  We had a group of 8 MINIs take the backroads to get to Raceway Woods where we were joined by another couple MINIs.  We took over the cooking area and had a fun afternoon eating,  visiting and checking out the trails.  Huge thanks to Rus and Tawana for the drive route planing, and Craig and Beth bringing the grill and attending to the cooking duties!!


Photos by Steve |

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