Galena Drive Reminder


Here is a writeup of the Galena drive from Dustin:

Saturday started out great with 11 MINIs, great roads out to Galena area, we picked up one Iowa MINI along the way and found 3 at Chestnut Resort.

After a nice lunch and passing out the Event Stickers, designed by Paul R., most of us hit the Alpine Slide (something Dustin should have skipped LOL), great fun was had by all.

A few of us hit Irish Hollow Rd and headed to the Tower for the group photo.

At the Tower we had a dozen or more MINI’s. A few groups went to dinner together and enjoyed Galena for the night.

We had a MINI from Bloomington, Peoria, a few from Iowa and the rest of us from Chicagoland.

Sunday found some of us downtown Galena for shopping and lunch. At 1pm we had a dozen MINI’s for the Sunday routes.

Fun roads, light traffic and great weather.

We passed by a cow that had found her way across the fence, only to cross over the next hill and find a herd of goats breaking free across the road to “greener pastures”.

On the leg back to Rockford we found a big bald Eagle in flight.

A great event, great friends, and YES we are working on next years event and will post dates below ASAP.

Photos by: Rob & Lisa | More Rob & Lisa | Bruce & Becky |
Big thanks to Todd at for getting the stickers created on such short notice!!

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BBQ Drive (09/16)

WRAPUP: Fantastic weather brought out over 2 dozen MNIS (plus a couple of really cool Minis). There were several new people out for their first event, and people from as far away as Madison, Wi and as far east as almost Indiana. We split up into a couple groups to enjoy fifty miles of empty back roads and entertaining curves. The faster group inadvertently split up into a couple smaller groups that “decided” to do some extra credit mileage.

We eventually all made it back to Blake’s place for burgers, dogs, chips, drinks and sweets as well as a chance to hang out and socialize.

Huge thanks to Dustin, Blake and all who helped plan, organize and test-run this event!!!

If you have links to pictures, send me an e-mail and I will put them here..

Photos by Steve | Francis | Michael | Tom |
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Motor Greater Galena (9/29-9/30)

We have a great set of drives and events planned in beautiful Jo Daviess County and the historic city of Galena the last weekend of September.

WHEN: September 29 & 30 2007

Saturday or Sunday? Why not both? Plan to join us for our first CMMC overnight event. Staying overnight is of course optional. We have a great set of events planned for each day that can be experienced individually or as a package.

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Events Events Events

We have lots of events in the works for the next several months. Details are not complete, but we have dates planned, and will provide more information as things get closer. Keep an eye on the right hand column of this website for links to what is happening..
Here is a short preview of what is comming up:

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Cruise and Drive August 18th

WRAPUP: We left McD’s under cloudy skies with 15 MINIs and headed to Suicide Circle. It’s an experience you have to try.. even just once. We roll by the local airport and zip through a few nice little roads. Along the way, we pick up a 16th MINI, then lose one off the back before arriving at our rest stop near Ft Sheridan. While there, we pick up a cabrio and trek to our final destination – the golf range. Along the way, we parade through Sheridan Rd, the Glen, and turn heads at an VW Auto-X at OCC.

Free bucket of balls and mini golf for everyone!!! Thanks to everyone who came out for a roll in the ‘burbs.
Pics from Francis | Anthony | Dan | Paul |
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Gimmick Rally – July 22nd

WRAPUP: About 20 cars attended this rally on a beautiful Sunday morning. We were given route sheets, and needed to solve clues for points and to determine many route directions. Participants lined up, and left at 2 minute intervalls.

After a couple hours of touring some fantastic back roads, getting lost, backtracking, chatting with an old lady selling a couch (but it won’t fit in my car.. What, you live in your car?), we gathered in Delafield for a fine meal and scoring the results.

Congratulations to Tom and Caren for winning the first and second place prizes, and thanks to the organizers for putting on such a fun event.

Photos by Renee | Caren |
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