CMMC Indoor Kart Racing: Feb 1st

Spectators are free to come and cheer on the karters as they compete. There is a viewing area on the second floor that overlooks the track. There is no charge just to come in and hang out. After the Grand Prix series is over, spend time with other CMMC members and relive the excitement!

Chicago Indoor Racing Karting ?
Scheduled for Sunday February 1st at 9:00am

After some consideration in regards to date and time we've finally pinned down all the details of this event. It'll take place at the newly opened Chicago Indoor Racing Facility in Buffalo Grove on Sunday, Feb 1st at 9am. ?We?ll be renting out the larger of the two tracks for the first 30 members that RSVP. ?Individual costs haven?t been finalized yet but they should be about $40 for an hour. ?That should give everyone about 20 minutes of racing ? more than enough from my experience. ?

For those that haven?t raced yet at the track it?s an absolute blast. ?It?s a very professional facility and only those over 18 can race with a valid drivers license. ?Further, you?re required to wear a full drivers suit and helmet (all provided as part of the price). ?It?s so real and so fun you?ll even be a little sore afterwards! ?All in all it?s a great experience that is truly addicting.

It?ll also be a great way to hone your skills for the upcoming autocross season!

Mini Mania will be providing some giveaways for this event.

Please email Steve Rosenblum at if you are interested in joining us.

Update: All 30 spots are currently filled. If you are interested in participating, send an e-mail to get on the waiting list in case anyone bows out of the action. For those that are on the list please email Steve Rosenblum at for directions on how to proceed.

Indoor Go Kart Racing Poll

We are hard at work planning an Indoor Go Kart racing event for the end of January, and we are still working on details.

We are looking at doing a 3-race Grand Prix series with the top finishers running championship race.

Cost for participation is $40.

Due to limited availability, we are currently narrowed down to two time slots..

Saturday evening 1/31/03


Early Sunday Morning 2/1/03.

We would get a discount for Sunday (probably $10 – $15 or so) if we are done before the standard opening time of 10:00 am. This means we would probably have to start by about 8:00am.

For those who are interested in attending, please post which of the times you would prefer. I think we will need firm commitments from 25-30 people to make this a go.

We will hopefully have our date and time nailed down this weekend.

Let's Make a Difference

MINIUSA is highlighting some great ways to (A) get together with other MINI owners and (B) help out your local community.

And the coolest part… they're utilizing a photo that was taken by a Chicago MINI Motoring Club member this past spring and digitally enhanced by your's truly. You can check out a larger version here. In fact you can even download this image as a desktop wallpaper in the wallpaper section of in a variety of sizes. And if you still can't get enough you can see the entire set of photos from this even here (keep in mind this was suppose to a “spring” event!)

You can check out the MINIUSA “Make a Difference” website here.

Holiday Lights Drive – December 12

I am inviting everyone to a Holiday Lights Drive in the Lincolnwood Towers area on Friday December 12th.

This is an unstructured event where everyone can drive around on their own in the area bounded by Carpenter (Niles Center), Pratt, Cicero, and Devon to admire the show of lights from 7pm to 8pm.
Give a small beep and wave as you pass all the other MINIs cruising around the area at the same time.

We will meet up afterwards at Sanders Restaurant at the corner of Touhy and Carpenter at 8:00

This is not an official CMMC event, but I hope to see a bunch of you out there..

Announcing the CMMC End of Year Dinner!

We'll be meeting at Hackneys on Lake Ave. Sunday, Nov 23rd, 6pm to around 9 for dinner, drinks, and good times. It seems like we never have a good opportunity to all just sit and chat – now's our time!

Please RSVP on this post or to Ron at

Hope to see everyone there!


We'll also be raffling off an official MINI remote controlled car after the dinner as well! The remote MINI will be courtesy of Knauz MINI and is a $110 value – perfect as a nice little gift to yourself for the holidays!

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Chicago Area MINI Needed for Photoshoot

An email I just recieved:

My name is Jennifer Levant and I am a photo stylist. We are shooting a
wrigley gum
ad this Thursday Nov. 6th here in Chicago in front of The Second City
building, around
Wells and North Avenue. We are looking for a mini to use in our ad. We
would pay the
owner approx. $250.00 to use their car for about a few hours. The colors we
are looking for are yellow, green, or possibly orange. If you know of any
owners who would
be interested could you call me today 312-286-0392

jennifer levant