RideMakerZ online discount


Our club has been extended a special offer of a 20% discount on any items purchased online at RideMakerZ.  This offer is only for online purchases and for a limited time. 

Check out This Link for a ShineBox registration page and a discount code.  You will then be directed to the RideMakerZ site  where you can pick what you like.  Enter the registration code at checkout for the 20% discount.  

Enjoy building or upgrading your car.

Auto-X reminder

WRAPUP:  The Autocross day was hot, cold, sunny, windy and rainy at various points.  Six MINIs accepted to the challenge and attended the event, and one more stopped by to visit, and check out the action.  Lots of Miatas, a bunch of Honda S2000’s, a few Camaro’s, Vetts, Subarus, BMW’s and other cars were in attendence.  People were broken out into 3 groups, to alternate working, resting and driving. Everyone was allowed 5 runs in the morning sessions and 6 runs in the afternoon session. When the dust settled, the fast car of the day was a very modded Miata running 1 minute and some change.

Everyone had lots of fun, made squealing tire noises, and had a good time.  Some of us even learned a little bit.  The Windy City Miata Club were wonderful hosts and it was really nice for them to invite our club to participate with them.  Congratulations to Russell for being fast guy of the MINIs!

Unofficial MINI results:

  1. Russell – 1:04.180
  2. Jim – 1:05.768
  3. Dustin – 1:07.468
  4. Garrett – 1:09.607
  5. Bennett – 1:10.889
  6. Steve – 1:12.975

Photos/video by: BennettRussell | Steve

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Culvers – August 8th


A hot and muggy Saturday afternoon brought out about 25 MINIs (and Minis) for some socializing and good food.   Lots of newer and potential members were there, and we got to see a few people who haven’t been to an event in quite some time.  We had club members arrive from as far north as Milwaukee area, East from Indiana, and Northwest from Huntley.   Rob from the Culvers in Downers Grove rolled out the red carpet for us by providing free custard treats, toys for the kids, and a big Welcome sign out front.

Big thanks to newer member Kate for getting things rolling, and to Culvers of Downers Grove for all the hospitality!!

Photos by:  Salomon and Steve | Corey |

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L.A.T.E. Ride MINI Ambassadors

WRAPUP:  L.A.T.E. Ride volunteers were treated to an extra special last minute suprise from MINIUSA.. They were able to pick up a MINI convertible on Friday evening and keep it through the entire weekend.   Club Treasurer Francis was already planning on volunteering to drive a chase vehicle during the event, and decided to do an extra stint at the MINI exhibit.   Photos and recap are from Francis:

The weekend starts easy enough.  I pick-up my Horizon Blue Cabrio from Patrick MINI after work Friday and drove it home (top-down of course). The latest version of the Cabrio is pretty neat. But I’ll need a longer test drive before I turn my car in for a new one.
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