MINI Takes the States (7/25-7/27)

MINIUSA has posted up details, and registration is now open for the Chicago stop of MINI Takes the States.

Chicago: July 25-27

MINI Takes the States heads to the heartland to keep the summer of fun rolling along. With a rally kick-off at the Lincoln Park Zoo and a weekend full of events at the famous Road America race track, there should be no shortage of good times and adrenaline.

Photos by: Francis

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Upcoming Events

We have dates for our next couple of events. Additional details will be posted soon:

May 24th we will meet and hang out at the Spindle in Berwyn to check out a Chicago Icon before it is demolished.

UPDATE 05/03/2008: The Spindle has just been Dismantled, so we will be working on a different event on the same day.

We will have some brochures from LANGKA Paint Chip and Scratch Repair as well as a sample of their Blob Eliminator if anyone is interested in performing some chip repair in the near future.

June 8th we will exploring some fun roads in the Downtown area and South Lake Shore Drive.

Car Control Clinic (05/31)

Wrapup: Great weather, and a really well run event..

A bunch of MINIs from Chicago and Wisconsin area participated in the Car Control Clinic. We had an hour of classroom time where we learned about the dynamics of controlling your car and learned about the various drills we were going to perform. After that, we split into two groups and took to the parking lot with our instructors. Drills included a slalom, figure 8, skid pad circle, and a lane change avoidance maneuver. After lunch we had a chance to continue the drills plus run a course that tied all the elements together.

This type of event really is a must-do to help practice understanding what your car can do at the limits (plus it is a ton of fun!!)

Thanks to Windy City Miata Club and for putting this together

Pictures from Steve |

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Chicagoland MOTD hookup

The 2008 MINIs on the Dragon (MOTD) is only a few days away (April 30th to May 4th)…

This is the place to let Chicagoland people know when you are going, where you are staying, and help plan that fun drive down together.

If anyone is interested in writing a wrapup or linking pictures of your trip, send the info to and we will put there here.

Photos by Paul R | Francis |

Movie by Taylor