Mad Dogs & Englishman

Mad Dogs MINI


Four MINIs took the scenic and twisty drive up the back roads to Kalamazoo Michigan to participate in the Mad Dogs and Englishman car show.

We had a Saturday evening meetup and meal with members of the Michigan MINI Club.

Sunday brought fantastic weather and almost every type of British cars that you could imagine (and more MGs and Triumphs than you could shake a stick at).

There were about 40 MINIs (and Minis) participating, ranging from bone stock to custom painted to 300HP turbo-charged creations, and every mod in-between.

Besides showing off the cars, and judging numerous categories, there was a chance to play a few field games including a casual autocross, a bucket racce (the driver is blindfolded, and the navigator needs to give directions to complete a slow speed slalom), Motor polo and others.

It was a blast to hang out with the Michigan club and enjoy tons of British cars!!

RoundBarn MINI

Check out some more photos here and here  and here
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Indiana Drive – June 24th

WRAPUP: Thirteen MINIs (including several new members) came out for an early morning drive through some fun back roads.

Yellow MINIs dominated on the color count this time.

Many of us had our first ever trip to a tatoo parlor. We somehow managed to get through almost every traffic light as a bunch.
Huge thanks to Lori for all the planning, (and happy b-day!!)
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Culver’s Hangout May 28

Here is a link that contains some pictures of the event

Come on out to Culver’s on Sunday May 28th and share part of your Memorial day weekend with MINI friends.

When: Sunday May 28th 2-5 pm

Where: Culvers 450 McHenry Road, Buffalo Grove, Il

Why: Just to hang out with MINI friends, show off your car, and enjoy butter burgers and ice cream!!

This event is open to anyone.. Old Minis, New MINIs, no MINIs. Come on out and have some fun.

Mad Dogs & Englishman Car Show

We will be joining forces with the Michigan MINI Motorin Club and attending the Mad Dogs & Englishmen British Car show in Kalamazoo Michigan on Sunday July 9th.

Update 05/11/2006

The Club’s Board of Directors has decided, after some significant discussion, that the Club cannot sponsor the Michigan wine tour originally planned,  or have it be associated with the Club in any way. The liability issues associated with mixing alcohol consumption (however slight) and driving, at any level, are simply too great to allow us to make the wine tour part of the sponsored drive.

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Knauz Garage Day Important Update

Unfortunately plans have changed for the Knauz Garage Day. Due to the attorneys getting involved we will not be able to do any work ourselves at Knauz and thus the garage day will not happen as planned. However Knauz as graciously offered each of us a chance to get complimentary inspections by their cheif MINI mechanic and ask any of those questions that we’ve always wondered about. So this event has really changed from an open garage to more of a MINI tech Q&A. This could perfect for the folks who also want to do a tech spec before heading out to various track events for the summer or just want to get a free check-up and learn more about their MINI.

That said, this may be dissapointing to more than a few out there who had hoped for some quality shop time at great facilities. However I’d like to thank the folks at Knauz who are still more than willing to host us and provide these complimentary inspections. And of course any work that you would like to get done, they will certainly help set up an appointment and offer a discount. Knauz will also offer a 20% discount on most parts as well.

So, for all those that expressed interested, I’d like to ask you let us know if you’re still interested. We’ll be creating a loose schedule in the next couple of days

And for all those that would like to have some sort of CMMC Garage Day, we’re going to try to put something together very soon.