MINIs on the Mack 08/03



WRAPUP: What a fabulous event!!  MINI of Grand Rapids was a great host, and Chicago area people filled close to half the 30+ cars that convoyed out to St. Ignace.  Friday night was fun to just hang out and watch MINIs cruising the area in all directions.  Early Saturday, we gathered in a field and took off for a 15 mile drive thru some scenic back roads culminating with a drive over the Mackinac bridge.  A party was held afterwards with plenty of time to check out hundreds of cool MINIs.  We were a little short of the world record, but with 846 1/2 cars (the half was a trailer) it was the largest single gathering of MINIs in North America.    We did get a record of the most cars playing a song on car horns, and the prize for the best dressed MINI was won by CMMC member Sean!!

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Photos by:  Steve | David |


UPDATE 07/15/2013: A small group will be departing from MINI of Grand Rapids on Friday at 1pm.  Must be there by 12:30 (remember they are a time zone ahead of Chicago).  you MUST RSVP by adding a comment to this post so we can have the correct count for plans.


UPDATE 06/21/2013

Registration is now open!!  visit for details

We are starting to get a bit more  information from MINIUSA about this World Record attempt.

Also check out details from the previous post for a CMMC block of hotel rooms at a discount price

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Superdawg June 15th



WRAPUP: Close to 50 MINIs attended this spectacular event!!  The predicted rainy weather held off for the whole evening.  We took a winding neighborhood drive along some twisty roads, and looped a couple area cul-de-sacs..  We filled up the back area at Superdawg for a fun hang out, listening to DJ tunes by Source 1 DJ Services .  Huge thanks to Superdawg for hosting our club, and Arnie and Lena for the planning/coordination work!!

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Photos by: Steve | Steve D |

Video by Arnie and Lena


MINIs will be back at Superdawg on a prime time Saturday night!!  This year we will meet up beforehand for a fun little neighborhod drive so we can all arrive en-mass.

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MINIs in Mackinac 8/3 save the date

MINI of Grand Rapids is putting together an event to attempt to break the Guinness Book World Record for the Largest Parade of MINIs

UPDATED INFORMATION 06/08/2013:  Additinal timing and registration details from MotoringAlliance website.  Details also copied below

UPDATE: 05/24/2013  The time for the Bridge crossing/record attempt is set at 10:30 am on Saturday August 3rd.  Still looking into logistics of getting up there in time.

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Coding event June 2nd


WRAPUP: We had almost 20 MINIs show up on a cold drizzly day.. Ram enabled many options.. several people came back for additional choices after seeing how cool they looked and worked on other cars.  A BBQ lunch followed, and a fun time was had by all.  Huge thanks to Ram from for driving out from Madison and working all day setting options, and to Paul for organizing this event and doing all the cooking!!

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